Joy Reid put a big smile on Joe Biden’s face with this insane lie she spread on MSNBC

Joy Reid is nothing more than a fake news mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

She will say anything to cover for their failures.

And Joy Reid put a big smile on Joe Biden’s face with this insane lie she spread on MSNBC.

Joe Biden’s historic failure in Afghanistan will cement him as perhaps the worst President in U.S. history.

It is so bad for him that many in the Fake News Media who have covered for him in the past are turning on him.

But one person he can still count on is Joy Reid of MSNBC, who just went so far in her defense of Biden that she claimed that Biden is doing “quite a thorough” job in his Afghanistan withdrawal.

This is despite the Taliban gaining access to billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment, Americans being stranded behind enemy lines, and at least a dozen U.S. troops being killed in an airport explosion this week alone.

Reid began her ridiculous claim by pointing out that the U.S. was not alone when invading Afghanistan, which is true, but not really a relevant point.

“[T]he United States did not do this invasion and occupation of Afghanistan alone,” Reid said. “This was an entire NATO operation. So it’s presumed that it is all on the United States to do all the evacuations. Are any other countries, any of our NATO allies attempting to also get people out? Or is this an all-U.S.-military all-by-itself operation?”

She continued on by arguing that it shouldn’t be Biden taking the blame for any failures, stating that “it sounds to me as if the burden-sharing isn’t exactly equal” with “all of these NATO countries that are essentially saying, ‘it’s all up to you, the United States.’”

That’s when she made the insane claim that Biden is actually doing a “thorough job.”

“And it sounds to me like the military are doing quite a thorough job,” she said, somehow with a straight face. “I mean, they’ve gotten a lot of people out. You wouldn’t know it from sometimes listening to the coverage, but they have gotten a lot of people out. What do you make of the fact that this isn’t a shared responsibility, so much as it’s being made only America’s responsibility?”

If it were Donald Trump in the White House presiding over such a failure, she would be attacking him day in and day out.

But because it is her precious Joe Biden, she will do anything to divert blame.

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