Jon Stewart made this chilling admission about Joe Biden

Photo by U.S. Secretary of Defense, CC BY 2.0 DEED, via Flickr,

Democrats can’t pretend anymore about Joe Biden.

Biden’s condition was on display in the debate for the entire world to see.

And now Jon Stewart made this chilling admission about Joe Biden.

Jon Stewart analyzes the debate

Jon Stewart was among the many liberals commiserating about Joe Biden’s senile debate performance.

Stewart told his audience on The Daily Show that it was painful to watch Biden’s cognitive impairment play out.

“The debate was a shocking display of cognitive difficulty, recognizable to, unfortunately, anybody who’s dealt with aging parents, and it’s a hard watch,” Stewart stated.

Stewart then mocked hysterical liberals who actually tried to claim after the debate that the media was biased against Joe Biden and was ignoring Donald Trump.

“Why doesn’t anyone ever speak out about Donald Trump? Or, let’s say, every night for ten f***ing years!” Stewart exclaimed.

Stewart said the media freakout over Biden occurred because of what voters expected from Biden and Trump.

“The difference is Trump delivered at the debate to expectation. We expect him to be f***ing crazy! But Biden’s performance and inability to articulate at times was stunning, like I could not believe what I was watching,” Stewart added.

The media went along with the big lie that Joe Biden was of sound mind.

So-called “journalists” claimed conservatives were spreading misinformation by pointing out Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

But Biden showing up at the debate and having his brain glitch on the biggest stage of them all embarrassed the press because he exposed them as liars.

Now, to try and retain whatever limited credibility the media has left, journalists are covering Biden’s decline.

Stewart mocks Democrats ridiculous excuses

Democrats can’t just admit Joe Biden is senile.

That would open up a larger conversation about why Joe Biden is still President and why the cabinet hasn’t invoked the 25th Amendment or Congress hasn’t impeached him.

Rather than level with the public, the White House and Biden campaign claimed Biden’s poor performance was due to a cold and jet lag from the trip to Italy for the G-7 summit.

Stewart mocked these lame rationalizations as a poor attempt at a Jedi mind trick.

“But then it got worse. Rather than respecting the American people and having an honest, at least partial conversation about what we had all seen, we were told immediately, ‘These are not the droids you’re looking for,’” Stewart continued.

Stewart snickered at the jet lag excuse, noting that Biden returned from Italy two weeks before the debate.

“He’d been home for almost two weeks. He was jet lagged? How big is that f***ing jet? The point is, for a campaign based on honesty and decency, the spin about the debate appears to be blatant bulls***, and the redemption tour hasn’t gone that much better,” Stewart declared.

Stewart said he wasn’t throwing in the towel on Biden but that the Biden campaign needed a better plan than telling Democrats that you’re stuck with us.

“‘Get on board or shut the f*** up’ is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker, nor is ‘What are you gonna do?’” he declared. “I am in no way saying Biden’s gotta drop out, but can’t we stress test this candidacy? Can’t we open up the conversation? Do you understand the opportunity here? Do you have any idea how thirsty Americans are for any hint of inspiration or leadership and a release from this choice of a megalomaniac and a suffocating gerontocracy? It is crushing our f***ing spirits!” Stewart concluded.