John Wayne confidante and acting icon James Caan leaves behind a legacy Hollywood would rather you forget

    America lost another legend with the passing of Godfather and El Dorado star, James Caan.

    But liberal Hollywood doesn’t want you to know much about the man he was.

    Because Hollywood would rather you forget about John Wayne confidante and acting icon James Caan.

    It’s kind of amazing to think that most of the younger generation, if they knew of James Caan at all, knew of him for his role as the father of Will Ferrell in the movie Elf.

    That’s because Caan had a long and storied career as an actor that stretched decades and included starring roles in such classics as The Godfather, Brian’s Song, Misery, Rollerball, Alien Nation, The Killer Elite, and the John Wayne classic El Dorado.

    In fact James Caan was just 27 years old when he got his big break being cast as knife-throwing gambler Mississippi in Howard Hawks’ El Dorado co-starring opposite Wayne and Robert Mitchum.

    Starring in the 1966 Western was a big deal for Caan and over the years he shared stories of the shenanigans and pranks he had on the set with Duke.

    The two became fast friends, pranking each other relentlessly, playing chess and breaking out into fiery altercations as Wayne was fond of doing with close friends.

    Wayne’s estate posted this on Instagram upon hearing of Caan’s passing: “We are saddened to hear about the passing of James Caan. John Wayne and James starred in El Dorado alongside Robert Mitchum in 1966. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.”

    It turns out they also shared something else, their disdain for liberal politics, and a great love of America.

    In fact, Caan was one of the rare conservatives in Hollywood and let it be known in no uncertain terms that he had little use for left-wing Hollywood.

    In a 2016 article in the Jerusalem Post “That pisses me off when they talk about all these Hollywood liberals,” he said. “There’s a whole bunch of us who are conservative. I find it offensive when actors go on news shows and spout their political views. They don’t exactly have political science degrees, who cares what they think?”

    And that same year Caan proudly endorsed Donald Trump for President in part due to his support of Israel.

    “I’m very pro-Israel, and I can’t like anybody who isn’t,” Caan said.

    He also couldn’t stand what had happened to the United States during two terms under Barack Obama and was concerned for the future of the nation.

    For these reasons Caan’s death was all but ignored by much of Hollywood because he didn’t fit the leftist mold the Hollywood elites require.

    And that is a shame, because Caan was one of the best and will be missed.

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