John Kennedy spoke five words that sent Jack Smith into a fit of rage

C-SPAN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Jack Smith was sent on a mission to convict Donald Trump before the election.

Now he’s watching his misconduct and overreach collapse. 

And John Kennedy spoke five words that sent Jack Smith into a fit of rage.

John Kennedy celebrates Supreme Court ruling that devastates Jack Smith

The Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision that former President Donald Trump has absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts taken while in office.

That ruling dealt a major setback to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s timeline of starting the January 6 case before the election.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) said that the Biden Justice Department “got it good and hard” in the Supreme Court’s ruling during an appearance on Fox News.

He was asked to respond to a rant from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), where he called Republican-appointed Justices “extreme and nakedly partisan hacks.”

“I would make three points: Number one, remember it was the Justice Department that overreached and asked for this opinion and the Justice Department got it, they got it good and hard,” Kennedy said.

Smith pushed for the Supreme Court to bypass the appeals court process to make a quick ruling on Presidential immunity last year in a rush to get the Trump case to trial.

“Number two, you didn’t have to be Oliver Wendell Scalia to see this opinion coming,” Kennedy explained. “It was predictable because it’s the law. The Constitution and common sense demonstrate that the Justice Department can’t prosecute a President, not criminally, for an official act. It can for a personal act.”

Kennedy slams Biden for using lawfare as a political tactic

The Supreme Court left it to lower courts to determine if an act made by a President is an official one.

“Now, if the Justice Department wants to prosecute a President for his behavior, the Justice Department has the burden of proving that it’s a personal act and the Supreme Court said we’re not going to do your work for you,” Kennedy continued.

The colorful Louisiana Senator then turned his attention to President Joe Biden.

He said the lawfare against Trump was a desperate move of a failing Presidential campaign. 

“The third point I would make, Martha, remember, the Supreme Court sees what we see,” Kennedy said. “President Biden is losing this election.”

“President Biden has neurodegenerative disease. He practically invents a new language every time he speaks. His family has serious legal problems,” Kennedy continued. “His staff, which is running the country, is more concerned about gas stoves and whether a man can breast-feed than it is about inflation or crime or the border or national security, and that’s why the {resident’s losing.”

Democrats were hoping that the Supreme Court would green-light Smith’s last-gasp effort to start the trial before the election.

“This case was political from the get-go,” Kennedy added. “It was designed to help President Biden and I think the United States Supreme Court today said, ‘look, we don’t get involved in politics, we don’t want to get mixed up in this.’ That’s why it was such, in my opinion, an anodyne, predictable decision.”

Jack Smith’s January 6 case suffered a massive setback at the hands of the Supreme Court.

Democrats will have to beat Donald Trump at the ballot box this fall.