John Kennedy is raising hell after the White House was caught in this massive deception

C-SPAN, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden is trying to do damage control after he flubbed the debate.

But he’s not being honest with the American people.

Now John Kennedy is raising hell after the White House was caught in this massive deception.

Joe Biden rolls out the excuse for his debate disaster in an interview with Clinton hack

President Joe Biden sat down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos – a fixer for former President Bill Clinton – to calm nerves after his debate disaster.

The 81-year-old President rolled out more excuses for his dreadful showing against former President Donald Trump.

Biden called the debate a “bad night” and claimed that Trump was shouting at him during it, which threw him off.

He’s just throwing stuff against the wall, hoping something will stick.

U.S. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) unloaded on Biden for his ABC interview during an appearance on the Fox News show Hannity.

Guest host Kayleigh McEnany called Biden out for making up Trump’s shouting as an excuse.

“Well, look, actually, as we all know, the microphones were cut off when it wasn’t the speaker’s turn and I don’t really understand what President Biden was referring to,” Kennedy said.

The Trump haters at CNN would have been eager to provide evidence to help Biden if this was the case.

John Kennedy compares the Biden Presidency to National Lampoon’s Animal House

Kennedy said the White House was scrambling after Biden bumbled his way through the debate.

“I do think that the White House is doing their President — our President — a disservice tonight,” Kennedy stated. “The White House says that, well — they’re like Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House — ‘All is well, don’t panic. We’ve been transparent the entire time.’ This White House, they wouldn’t know transparency if it jumped up and yodeled and bit them in the butt.”

The Louisiana lawmaker ripped the media allies for pivoting from trying to cover up Biden’s mental decline to suddenly acting shocked that he was out of it.

“There has been a cover-up and many members of the media have participated in [it],” Kennedy explained. “And now some members of the media, they’re running around going, ‘We’re dumbfounded, we never saw any sign of this.’ And they’re asking, ‘Is the President — can he stand for reelection?’”

Kennedy pointed to Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report from February that announced Biden wouldn’t be charged for stealing classified documents.

“His own Justice Department, a few months ago, said that he’s not even competent to stand trial,” Kennedy exclaimed. “What planet did these people parachute in from? The American people may be poorer under President Biden, but they’re not stupid. And their concerns and suspicions have been confirmed.”

Hur said that Biden’s “memory also appeared to have significant limitations” and that no jury would convict him because he’s an old man with a bad memory.

Democrats and their media allies trashed Hur for speaking the truth about Biden in his report.

Now that the media wants to push Biden out of the Presidential race to save the Democrat Party, they’ve developed a newfound curiosity about his mental decline.