John Fetterman raised eyebrows when Americans saw this disturbing video

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman is back in the Senate after 44 days in the hospital.

Fetterman is already immersed in controversy.

And that’s because John Fetterman raised eyebrows when Americans saw this disturbing video.

Fetterman resumed his duties as the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Food and Nutrition, Specialty Crops, Organics, and Research.

The Pennsylvania Democrat is back on the job after receiving treatment for clinical depression stemming from Fetterman struggling to accept the fact that the near fatal stroke he suffered would leave him cognitively and physically impaired for life.

Members of the media tried to fool the public into thinking that the stroke only left Fetterman with an auditory issue where he had trouble hearing people speak.

Fetterman’s opening statement on his first day back on the job showed that once again the media was lying to the public about Fetterman’s condition.

In his opening remarks, Fetterman could not speak coherent and complete sentences and fumbled through his words.

Conservatives blasted the media for making it seem like Fetterman suffered from a disability and anyone who wondered if he was fit to serve as Senator following his stroke was an ableist.

“Remember when they scolded you for criticizing a man with a ‘disability’ during his campaign? Well—here he is attempting to do his job after coming back from a 2 month vacation,” journalist Breanna Morello wrote on social media.

Fetterman’s team continued to falsely claim Fetterman was the victim of bullies prejudiced against the disabled.

“Republicans already tried emptying the arsenal attacking John’s health and Pennsylvanians had his back in a big way,” Fetterman spokesman Joe Calvello declared. “As a Senator, John is fighting for forgotten communities and all of the people of Pennsylvania, regardless of their social media habits.”

But Democrats cannot afford for Fetterman to resign because that would create a special election in Pennsylvania for the 2024 election when the party is already facing a difficult Senate map in their bid to retain the majority.

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