John Fetterman ended up with egg in his face after going on this woke rant

Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Senator John Fetterman keeps finding the most unpopular fights to pick.

Republicans don’t mind this at all.

And John Fetterman ended up with egg in his face after going on this woke rant.

Poll after poll continues to show that the American people reject Democrats trying to brainwash children into transgenderism in schools.

The Biden administration tried to force this woke ideology on schools by threatening to withhold lunch program funds from schools that refuse to allow boys to use the girl’s restroom.

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall introduced a resolution of disapproval in July slamming Joe Biden for “weaponizing” the school lunch program.

“This administration is weaponizing funding for school lunch programs in an effort to force public schools to embrace Joe Biden’s transgender agenda,” Senator Marshall said. “The USDA has NO authority to force our children to adhere to woke mandates such as requiring biological boys to be given access to girls bathrooms and locker rooms, or allow biological boys to compete against biological girls in girls’ sports,” Marshall’s statement announcing the resolution read. “My message with this CRA is clear: Don’t hold children’s lunch hostage in pursuit of your woke agenda.”

Democrat Senator John Fetterman whined about the resolution falsely claiming Marshall targeted children for abuse and scorn.

“I can’t even believe that this resolution is even real. This makes it possible for some random lunch lady to deny lunch to a hungry child because she says her God tells her to. School lunch should be free, and certainly free of judgment,” Fetterman ranted.

“Don’t we have better things to do in the upper chamber than picking on kids because of who they are?” Fetterman’s statement concluded.

Marshall is targeting the adults in the Biden administration who want to put schools in the position of having to choose between the lunch program or depriving children of food if they refuse to bow to the woke agenda.

It’s the adults who are trying to take advantage of kids by confusing them with gender identity propaganda and pushing them to undergo life-altering surgeries.

The kids are the innocent victims in this scenario as woke activists in schools prey upon the fact that students are too young to understand the game being played.

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