John Fetterman blindsided a fellow Democrat with this brutal sucker punch

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John Fetterman escalated a feud that has no end in sight.

All of Washington, D.C. was left with their mouths agape.

And John Fetterman blindsided a fellow Democrat with this brutal sucker punch.

Fetterman’s taken it upon himself to lead the charge to force New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez to resign following federal prosecutors indicting Menendez on charges of taking bribes and acting as an unregistered agent of the Egyptian government.

Prosecutors allege that Menendez intervened in a criminal investigation and handed over sensitive information about the U.S. embassy in exchange for money.

Fetterman introduced a resolution that would sanction any Senator charged with mishandling classified information or acting as an agent of a foreign government by denying them access to classified briefings, stripping them of their committee assignments, banning them from requesting earmarks as well as using government funds for international travel.

Without naming Menendez, this resolution was squarely targeted at forcing him to resign.

“It’s important to make a statement and to force people to come down on: is it appropriate for a man who’s been accused of acting as a foreign agent [to be] receiving [that] kind of classified briefings,” Fetterman told reporters about his resolution.

“It’s astonishing to me how anyone would be okay with that,” Fetterman continued.

No other Democrats took Fetterman up on his call to expel Menendez so reporters asked if this resolution, making it impossible for Menendez to do his job, was a way to bring other Democrats on board with pushing Menendez out the door.

“Whatever could get him out, and promote him to leave, that’s what I support,” Fetterman replied.

Menendez – predictably – was not amused by Fetterman’s antics.

“This is nothing more than a publicity stunt that disregards core constitutional principles of American democracy — due process, the presumption of innocence, and the rule of law. Instead of focusing on generating clickbait, he should channel his efforts toward legislating and delivering results for the people of Pennsylvania,” Menendez shot back.

Fetterman responded by making sure everyone knew this was all about politics by mentioning Menendez’s poll numbers, as Democrats are terrified Menendez running for re-election with this indictment hanging over his head will cost the party a safe Senate seat in deep blue New Jersey.

“Spicy. The latest polling in New Jersey has your approval at 8%. You’re officially less popular than cold sores,” Fetterman wrote on social media.

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