Joe Rogan revealed one truth about Joe Biden that no Democrat wanted to hear

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Democrats are coming to grips about Joe Biden’s failed Presidency.

They’re being forced to confront one painful political reality.

And Joe Rogan revealed one truth about Joe Biden that no Democrat wanted to hear.

The country has gone down the tubes after President Joe Biden occupied the White House.

He’s presiding over one of the worst economies in decades and the world is in crisis from his weak leadership.

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan pointed out that the country was in much better shape under former President Donald Trump.

He pointed out the terrible changes the country experienced under Biden during an episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience with retired mixed martial arts fighter Dan Henderson.

Rogan said that Trump cutting government regulations “certainly helped the economy” before comparing today to 2016.

“Boy, do f—–g things change,” Rogan said, referring to before Trump first ran for President.

“He was in all the rap songs, rappers would always talk about Trump, everybody loved Trump,” Rogan said. “He was like this wheeling, dealing billionaire character that everybody enjoyed.”

“I felt like he did a decent job,” Henderson said. “I feel like we were in a lot better spot then than now, for sure.”

“Without a doubt,” Rogan replied. “As President? When you look at his regulations, it certainly helped the economy.”

Rogan turned his attention to the major international crises that have occurred under Biden’s watch.

Russia and Ukraine are fighting the largest war in Europe since World War II and conflict could be spreading in the Middle East after the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas.

“The world scares the s*** out of me right now,” Rogan said. “Right now, I’m like, ‘Boy, this is not good.’ This Ukraine thing is not good. Everything is not good.”

Biden’s feckless leadership opened the door to the most international turmoil since the end of the Cold War.

“There’s no good solutions to the Middle East,” Rogan continued. “All of it looks terrible, and the Ukraine thing looks terrible.”

Rogan said that the current international chaos reminded him of the time leading up to World War II.

“All it takes is one person to f—–g launch a nuke and the world changes forever, and I’ve never felt like that was a possibility in my lifetime until now,” Rogan said. “This must have been what it felt like at the beginning of World War III, or World War II rather.”

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been an absolute disaster for the country.

Voters heading to the ballot box in 2024 will have to ask themselves if they’re better off than four years ago.

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