Joe Manchin revealed one truth about Joe Biden’s politics that Democrats refuse to accept

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Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has been a thorn in the side of Joe Biden and his far-Left agenda.

But Manchin is stepping down and will not seek re-election next November.

And now Joe Manchin revealed one truth about Joe Biden’s politics that Democrats refuse to accept.

Democrats currently hold a 51 seat majority in the United States Senate.

However, Democrats are facing a tough Senate map next year with many incumbents facing re-election in states Donald Trump won by a large margin in 2020.

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin recently made Chuck Schumer’s job, holding on to his majority after the 2024 elections, that much more difficult by announcing he would not seek re-election after this term.

Since Manchin is the last Democrat elected to a statewide office in West Virginia, his retirement almost guarantees Republicans will pick up the seat since Donald Trump carried the state by 38 points in 2020.

But Joe Manchin’s retirement from the Senate does not mean his career in politics is over.

Manchin has long been rumored to be considering an Independent bid for President on the No Labels ticket.

In a round of interviews after he announced he would not seek re-election, Manchin took several swipes at Joe Biden and only fueled speculation that he plans to run for President.

During an interview with CNN’s The Source, Manchin lit into Joe Biden as a far-Left out of touch extremist who is “not the person we thought that he was.”

“And then, I’ve been, to a certain extent, on President Biden, he’s not the person we thought that was, elected being a centrist and moderate,” Manchin said. “He’s been pushed so far to the Left,” he continued. “So, if we have this movement in the middle, maybe we can pull people back to a commonsense middle to where they can go.”

“You cannot run your life from the extremes,” Manchin said about Joe Biden. “You’re not going to be successful.”

The West Virginia Democrat Senator then ripped Joe Biden’s open borders agenda and the pro-criminal policies of the Left.

“You can’t have open borders, you can’t have runaway debt, you can’t have the problems that we have, the challenges, crime, all of the things that we’ve got to fight,” Manchin said. “We’ve got to get our financial house in order, we’ve got to secure our borders.”

But CNN was not the only network Manchin appeared on to rip Joe Biden.

He also sat down with NBC News host Kristen Welker on Wednesday for an interview where he admitted Joe Biden’s so-called Build Back Better bill in its original form “would have basically thrown us into a recession, if not a deep depression.”

“We pulled out the bipartisan infrastructure bill out of the infamous BBB, Build Back Better,” Manchin said. “There was just too much, that was throwing too much,” he continued. “I think it would have basically thrown us into a recession, if not a deep depression.”

Only time will tell if Joe Manchin decides to toss his hat into the ring as a candidate for President.

But he is certainly making all the moves that indicate an independent bid is in the future.

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