Joe Manchin just ended Biden’s presidency with two words

    Joe Biden has been worse than anyone could have imagined as president.

    His poll numbers have cratered and he’s taking the entire Democrat Party with him.

    Now it looks like Joe Manchin may have just ended Biden’s presidency with two words.

    Joe Biden has had very few wins as president, and he probably will not have another one.

    The radical legislative agenda favored by Biden and the Democrats is in a holding pattern because it cannot pass without the support of two moderate senators.

    Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia refuse to buckle to the relentless pressure campaign from the Democrat Media Complex.

    Manchin was again hounded by the press and he responded, “We’re not gonna spend any more money. I can assure you that. We’ve spent enough. We’re $30.5 trillion in debt. We’ve gotta get our debt under control. If you want to get inflation under control, control your debt.”

    One reporter persisted and asked about Biden’s Build Back Better spending monstrosity and Manchin said, “There’s no Build Back Better. It’s gone.”

    “It’s gone” effectively sums up Biden’s presidency at this point.

    His legislative goals are jammed up by the two sane moderates in the Senate, and Democrats will likely lose control of Congress in the midterms.

    With Nancy Pelosi and/or Chuck Schumer out of majority leadership, Biden will have no hope of getting anything radical through Congress.

    Leftists have pulled out all the stops to coerce Sinema and Manchin, but they have no incentive to cave at this point.

    Sinema is in a purple state with a Republican governor, and Manchin is in the reddest state in America; Donald Trump won West Virginia by 50 points.

    There is no reason for them to torpedo their political careers to rescue a wildly unpopular Biden.

    Activists have harassed Sinema on an airplane, in a public restroom, and at a friend’s wedding.

    These unhinged leftists have zero shame.

    Manchin and Sinema are not on board with killing the Senate filibuster and spending ungodly amounts of money.

    As Manchin said, America can only get its inflation under control by getting a handle on debt.

    That cannot happen with even more outrageous deficit spending.

    Amazingly, Biden’s response to 40-year-high inflation is to print more money.

    Biden and most of the Democratic Party have completely lost the plot.

    They are finally reaping the whirlwind of their nonsensical economic policies.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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