Joe Biden’s top hurricane preparedness tip will leave you red with rage

Joe Biden has been asleep at the wheel during his Presidency.

He clearly has not been up to the task of being Commander-in-Chief.

And Biden’s top hurricane preparedness tip will leave you red with rage.

Hurricane Ian is cutting a swath through central Florida and devastating the west coast of the state.

The Category 4 hurricane made landfall just under Category 5, which means major damage is almost inevitable.

In preparation for Hurricane Ian, Americans were reminded of President Biden’s top hurricane preparedness tip.

Biden said, “Let me clear: if you’re in a state where hurricanes often strike like Florida or the Gulf Coast or into Texas, a vital part for preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated now. Everything is more complicated if you’re not vaccinated and a hurricane or natural disaster hits.”

So if a hurricane is threatening to rip your house to shreds or flood your home to its rafters, getting the COVID vaccine is a top priority for Biden.

In addition to that, Biden did not reach out to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in preparation for the hurricane, which is customary for a President.

After the administration got peppered with questions about it, Biden finally broke down and called DeSantis.

The New York Post reported that “President Biden finally connected with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Tuesday night as Hurricane Ian barrels towards the Sunshine State — and the Republican later thanked Biden for the federal government’s help. Earlier in the day, Biden called three Florida mayors whose cities are expected to face the wrath of the storm before finally touching base with DeSantis, a potential presidential candidate in 2024. The talk between the two national figures came as Ian nears the Florida peninsula and could become a Category 4 hurricane.”

Democrats have already begun building the narrative that DeSantis was somehow unprepared for the crisis despite having zero evidence.

If the Left can blame DeSantis somehow for a natural disaster, they will find a way to do it.

As the Governor explained in a Fox News interview, “What I said today is my phone line’s open, when people’s lives are at risk like this we all need to work together regardless of party lines . . . It’s my sense that the administration wants to help . . . I think they realize that this is a really significant storm.”

Hopefully Democrats don’t try to politicize the response to Hurricane Ian when so many people’s lives will be impacted.

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