Joe Biden’s skyrocketing gas prices have some Americans going to great lengths just to get by

Joe Biden is putting Americans through the wringer with his bad economic policies.

Inflation is sky-high, and it’s particularly being felt with the price of gasoline.

Now, Joe Biden’s skyrocketing gas prices have some Americans going to great lengths just to get by.

Inflation under Joe Biden has reached a 40-year high, and many Americans are feeling the pinch at the pump.

Gas prices have hit the highest national average, surpassing July 2008.

The effect of the major surge in gas prices is fewer people driving.

According to a Morning Consult poll, 30% of Americans drove less in February than they did the previous month, and 57% of those said it was because of the high cost of gasoline.

And with not as many people driving, it has caused a ripple effect in the economy.

Morning Consult reported that, “behavioral responses to inflation, like driving less to limit gas consumption, could have secondary effects on economic activity, potentially reducing trips to restaurants or retail establishments. Inflation had already presented itself as a growing threat to economic growth in the United States, and recent geopolitical developments are adding fuel to the fire.”

In response to fewer people driving, Biden urged Americans to return to their offices in place of remote work.

However, many Americans have grown to appreciate working remotely.

That was an unintended consequence of scaring people indoors for two years because of the Wuhan virus.

Biden and the Democrats thought they could tinker however they wanted with the economy and not suffer any consequences.

They’re finding out the hard way that nonsense like green energy boondoggles hurt in the long run.

Biden is attempting to blame the rise in gas prices on the war in Ukraine, but the price of gas had been rising well before the conflict.

Also, it can be argued that bad energy policy facilitated the war in Ukraine.

If America and other countries had not been so reliant on Russian oil—particularly, the Europeans—Vladimir Putin might not have invaded Ukraine.

But the globalist elites thought they could undercut fossil fuels and sustain on “green” technology.

The truth is green technology is expensive, inefficient, and still causes net carbon emissions.

The Green New Deal and similar initiatives are at best pie-in-the-sky projects, and at worst systems of economic control disguised as humanitarian efforts.

Donald Trump predicted that gas would surge to $7 per gallon under Biden.

If Trump chooses to run again in 2024, the first year of Biden’s presidency is serving as a campaign ad by itself.

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