Joe Biden’s rush to force everyone to purchase electric cars could end up costing Americans dearly

The radical socialist “green” activists are pushing electric vehicles as the panacea for solving so-called “climate change.”

But they didn’t see this problem that could put the brakes on electric vehicles.

And Joe Biden’s rush to force everyone to purchase electric cars could end up costing Americans dearly.

The leftist drive to force all Americans into electric vehicles (EVs) is going pedal to the metal.

California has banned gas-powered vehicles in the coming years.

And other states appear ready to follow suit.

Joe Biden and his cabal are pushing radical programs to force Americans to ditch their real cars for EVs.

And Congress is riding shotgun on the effort passing legislation to do just that.

The Left even claims that poor people should just buy EVs if they can’t afford gas due to Bidenflation.

They all ignore (or don’t care about) the major problems and issues with EVs, and the very real damage they will do.

We’ve all heard about the EVs that seem to spontaneously catch fire.

Most have even heard about the problems with driving long distances in an EV, as the charge runs out too quickly.

And there is the ironic fact that the charging stations for EV batteries are fueled mostly by coal.

Some even know that most of the materials used to make electric batteries are mined by slave labor, most of whom are underage minors.

But it wasn’t until recently that EV owners found out just how expensive it would be.

Electric vehicle owners are shocked when they find out that battery replacements for their EVs can top $20,000. 

One EV owner said, “At the dealership, he looked it up online and said you’re not going to like this,” before delivering a bill of $15,000 plus labor and of course taxes.

And Phyllis Lau, who owns a 2018 KIA Soul, told CTV News Toronto, “I don’t understand why they make the battery so expensive when you have to change it.” 

Lau’s EV came with a warranty for the battery that covers 99,419 miles, or eight years, whichever comes first. 

This year, her EV went more than 105,600 miles, thus voiding the warranty on the battery.

So when the battery failed, Lau took the vehicle to her local dealership, and was told a battery replacement, after labor and taxes, would come to $23,000. 

If the mad race to force all Americans into EVs continues, more and more people will get stuck with these outrageous bills.

Maybe that’s better than getting stuck on the side of the road when your EV runs out of juice or spontaneously ignites into flames.

It’s time for politicians to stop this EV push or get pushed out by the voters.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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