Joe Biden’s Press Secretary admits even Joe Biden doesn’t believe statements he made

Democrats like Joe Biden spreading verifiably false narratives is nothing new.

No one on the far-left would ever allow the truth to get in the way of a good story.

But after Joe Biden made verifiably false statements, his Press Secretary had to admit that even Biden doesn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth.

On Thursday afternoon, Joe Biden delivered a speech from the Rose Garden in which he summarized the six unilateral executive actions he had taken earlier in the day to launch an all-out assault on the Second Amendment.

In addition, he called on Congress to expand on his actions, and pass laws that ban assault weapons, eliminate firearms manufacturers’ “immunity” from lawsuits, and close the “gun show loophole.”

As with most of the left’s narratives around firearms, though, the latter two actions Biden called on Congress to take are rooted in verifiably false claims.

It is patently false that firearms manufacturers are “immune” from lawsuits, and the so-called “gun show loophole” Democrats have railed against for years is merely a figment of their imagination – it simply does not exist.

Yet, Joe Biden still stood in the Rose Garden and lied to the American people.

“Most people don’t know it: you walk into a store to buy a gun, you have a background check, but if you go to a gun show you can buy whatever you want, no background check,” Biden falsely claimed.

Fortunately, intelligent Americans rightly pushed back against Biden’s lies, leading to a reporter asking Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether or not the President believes his false claim.

“Is it the President’s belief that you do not have to undergo a background check when you are at a gun show?” a reporter asked.

Psaki then admitted that even Biden doesn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth, while attempting to steer the attention away from his lies.

“No, it’s not his belief,” Psaki admitted. “He believes that background checks should be universal.”

“Right. He says ‘no background check,'” the reporter objected.

“Well, we know what his position is, right, so let me reiterate that background checks should be universal,” Psaki continued.

It’s difficult to understand how Psaki can assume that “we know what his position is” when Joe Biden makes a false claim, and his Press Secretary says he doesn’t even believe what he said.

In addition to that lie that Biden apparently doesn’t believe, it would be interesting to know if Biden also doesn’t believe that his executive actions on gun control are Constitutional because none of the amendments to the Constitution are “absolute,” which he claimed during his speech as well.

Quite frankly, if Donald Trump would have made a claim during a speech only to have his Press Secretary later claim that Trump doesn’t believe what he said, every news outlet in America would be running the story non-stop, ripping Trump apart.

However, as expected, the media is silent on Biden not believing his own lies.

He will continue to be propped up by the media as he struggles to coherently articulate the far-left’s lies.

And ultimately, the Biden Administration and the far-left will continue their disinformation and propaganda campaign to advance their agenda in perpetuity.

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