Joe Biden’s new Monkeypox spokesman will have you shaking your head

Joe Biden has been far from the moderate that the corporate-controlled press attempted to portray.

He has staffed his administration with radicals and pursued far-left policies.

And Biden’s new Monkeypox spokesman will have you shaking your head.

The COVID regime is running out of steam.

Despite the best efforts of the corporate-controlled press, people are done with masking and indefinite lockdowns.

The establishment attempted to pivot to Monkeypox as the “next big thing,” but it failed to launch, partly do to pandemic fatigue, and partly due to the fact it almost exclusively transmits via sex between gay men.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden appointed a White House Monkeypox spokesman.

Strangely, the main focus around Monkeypox has been sensitivity of messaging, and not actually keeping people safe.

And Demetre Daskalakis, Biden’s new spokesman, seems particularly focused on not stigmatizing the gay community – public health seems like a secondary goal.

Unsurprisingly, Daskalakis is as radical as several other Biden picks.

BDSM kink and a pentagram tattoo probably makes him the third most bizarre person in the Biden administration.

During a recent press briefing, Daskalakis said, “I think we’re really proud of the work that we’ve done to create non-stigmatizing language to inform people what they need to do to stay healthy. So I think that that’s the first step, which is really making sure that we’re modeling the right behavior and that we’re putting out materials that speak to the community in a way that doesn’t stigmatize them . . . [T]his virus transmits through very close skin-to-skin physical contact, often in the setting of sexual exposure. But there are other mechanisms for its transmission, including, if you touch objects that individuals who’ve had monkeypox touch or if you have prolonged exposure to respiratory droplets. With that said, signaling to people who are in the gay, bisexual, other-men-who-have-sex-with-men communities, and also transgender people who have sex with men that it’s really important to have awareness if it’s circulating in the community is really a critical part of the messaging while not generating, you know, inordinate concern and really focusing on the infection as linked to an identity.”

The Left have become consumed by identity politics and political correctness.

There were even discussions to change the name Monkeypox because some considered it too stigmatizing, just as the “Wuhan virus” was somehow deemed racist.

The Democrats have gone mad, and they aren’t even really hiding it anymore.

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