Joe Biden’s latest attack on law enforcement will leave millions outraged

Joe Biden ran on dismantling President Trump’s legacy with his America Last agenda.

He’s taking cues from radical leftists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and declaring war on law and order.

And his latest attack on law enforcement will leave millions outraged.

Joe Biden has embraced the radical left’s position on attacking law enforcement at any opportunity.

Nowhere is this more evident than the agencies entrusted to defend the border.

His open borders agenda has thrown the Border Patrol under the bus.

When photos emerged of Border Patrol agents on horseback in Texas using split reins fending off illegal Haitians trying to cross the border, the left-wing outrage mob sprang into action.

The corporate-controlled media and their Twitter mob jumped on the photos with false claims the agents were whipping the Haitians.

The Border Patrol chief and Biden’s own Homeland Security Secretary pointed out that this was fake news but the avalanche had begun.

The regime and its liberal allies began attacking the Border Patrol agents.

Biden repeated the lie saying their actions were “outrageous” and promised that people would pay.

New reports indicate that 6 of the Border Patrol agents are under investigation and face possible suspension for doing their jobs.

Use of horse patrols in the area where the pictures were taken has been suspended.

While the regime is threatening the Border Patrol agents’ careers for a hoax, Republicans are stepping up.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott offered to hire any agent fired to help defend the Texas border.

This is another attempt by the regime to handicap the Border Patrol and push an open borders agenda.

Dismantling the successful border policies of President Trump has sparked an unprecedented border crisis.

The attack on law enforcement at any chance mentality embraced by Biden and leftists that sparked a record crime wave is being applied to those enforcing the law on the southern border.

With the Border Patrol being handcuffed and under assault from the regime there’s little doubt that the border crisis will only continue to drag on.

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