Joe Biden’s idiotic energy policy just came back to bite him

    Joe Biden’s moves as President make no sense whatsoever.

    His brilliant idea to combat inflation was to create more inflation.

    Now Biden’s idiotic energy policy just came back to bite him.

    Joe Biden came into office and systematically undid many of Donald Trump’s effective policies on immigration, foreign policy, and the economy.

    The United States achieved energy independence under Trump, and Biden quickly undermined that by shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, and promising to go to war with the fossil fuel industry.

    Predictably, the result was an increased cost in energy production, and Biden has had to go hat in hand to oil-rich countries in hopes of bringing down costs.

    Biden and the Democrats are undercutting American energy production for absurd reasons, and the voters are going to keep that in mind when they vote in the upcoming Midterms.

    Energy expert Michael Shellenberger, who was once a radical environmentalist, wrote that “the Biden administration had been frantically trying to persuade Saudi Arabia and other OPEC+ members not to cut oil production. The reason was that the White House feared a cut to oil production would increase gasoline prices, and hurt Democrats in the November elections. We know this because the White House’s talking points for its senior officials to use while lobbying their counterparts in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and other nations, were leaked to the media. The talking points described a potential OPEC+ production cut as a ‘total disaster’ and said the Biden administration would view it as a ‘hostile act.’ One official involved in the process told CNN that the White House is ‘having a spasm and panicking.’ Another called White House efforts ‘desperate.’”

    Under Trump, the United States became a net exporter of oil and natural gas, and now Biden is “panicking” over Saudi Arabia turning off the spigot.

    It’s absolutely ridiculous.

    Democrats have tried to take a tough posture toward Saudi Arabia after the murder of journalist Jamala Khashoggi, yet they’ve turned to Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro as well as the Saudis for oil.

    Shellenberger continued, “What’s been driving the Biden administration? Why has it issued fewer leases for oil-and-gas drilling off­shore and on fed­eral land than any other ad­min­is­tra­tion since World War II? The ostensible reason for Biden’s repression of oil and gas development domestically is climate change, but the explanation makes little sense, given that it is seeking more production by OPEC+, whose oil produces more greenhouse gas emissions since it must be shipped to the U.S. The underlying motivations for the Biden administration are political. First, Biden doesn’t want to anger his environmentalist base of voters and donors, who oppose expanded domestic oil production, but accept that increasing OPEC+ production in the short-term may be a political necessity. Second, Biden and Democrats are pursuing a long-term strategy to shut down the U.S. oil and gas industry, which they view as friendlier to Republicans, in terms of campaign financing, than to Democrats.”

    Democrats’ policies only exist to serve the interests of the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

    Slashing U.S. oil production is a political move for power, not one that helps the American people in any discernible way.

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