Joe Biden’s empty promises about the economy are coming back to bite him in a big way

Joe Biden has failed the American people on several fronts.

His handling the economy has been an absolute disaster despite the propaganda coming from the Democrat Media Complex.

And now, Joe Biden’s empty promises about the economy are coming back to bite him in a big way.

The Biden administration urged corporate press outlets to pump out sunshine reports on the economy during a particularly turbulent news cycle.

Embarrassingly, CNN and MSNBC obliged Joe Biden’s wishes.

Anchors like Don Lemon feigned joy over the price of gasoline dropping two cents per gallon.

But the American people weren’t fooled.

They know the economy is largely smoke and mirrors.

Respondents in a recent Rasmussen poll proved as much when the majority said they were not expecting to get a raise.

Americans were asked: “A year from today, will you be earning more money than you earn today, less than today, or about the same amount as you earn today?”

Only 39% of full-time workers said they expected a wage increase, the lowest percentage since 2013.

That’s down from a peak of 54% in 2018, the second year of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s tax cuts and deregulation sparked massive economic growth; American companies that had sent operations offshore repatriated, and even left-wing economist Paul Krugman had to admit he was wrong about his bleak economic projections.

Also, Democrats were more optimistic about their job prospects under Trump than they are under Biden.

According to the survey, 47% of Democrats are optimistic they will see a wage increase, down from 49% under Trump.

Meanwhile, Republicans (36%) and independents (32%) are not nearly as optimistic about their job prospects under Biden.

Worse yet, not only are workers pessimistic about wages not increasing, they’re facing the double whammy of inflation hitting a 40-year-high.

Inflation is the stealth tax that crushes the middle class and the poor, and it hits even harder when wages stagnate.

Much of Biden’s economic woes are self-inflicted.

He undercut American energy independence by increasing regulation on fracking, he paid people to stay home and not work which led to a labor shortage, and he caused supply chain problems by encouraging businesses to institute harsh COVID restrictions.

Biden’s economy is an absolute mess, and the American people can feel it.

Despite the propaganda from the so-called mainstream media, polls show that Biden is not trusted on the economy, and with good reason.

His performance as president in his first year is largely why the Republicans are poised to reclaim the House and the Senate in the midterms.

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