Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary is threatening to end the careers of these National Guard members for an outrageous reason

There’s an ugly showdown over who is “the boss of” who in one southern state.

While most of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates have been struck down in court, members of the military are still being forced to get jabbed or get out.

But one Republican Governor is battling with the feds over how members of his National Guard will be treated.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently received a letter from US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin with a threat tucked inside for National Guard members who are dead set against getting the COVID-19 vaccination.

The letter comes in reply to one sent by Oklahoma’s Governor arguing that the mandate “violates the personal freedoms of many Oklahomans, as it asks them to potentially sacrifice their personal beliefs in order to not lose their jobs.”

The Defense Secretary was unapologetic, insisting that Biden has the right to control Oklahoma’s guard members writing, “In accordance with the Presidential authority in title 32, U.S. Code section 110, to prescribe regulations necessary to organize, discipline, and govern the non-Federalized National Guard, all members of the Oklahoma Army and Air National Guard, regardless of duty status, must follow the directions of the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force.”

He added that failure to get their jab, “may lead to a prohibition on the member’s participation in drills and training conducted under title 32 and jeopardize the member’s status in the National Guard.”

But Governor Stitt isn’t necessarily buying all that federal military arrogance.

His spokesman, Charlie Hannema told the Associated Press, the Governor “maintains his position” that he is “the commander-in-chief for all members of the Oklahoma National Guard.”

And, he argues, that remains true even when guard members are on Title 32 status when they are considered active duty and are being paid by the federal government.

So far, Brigadier General Thomas Mancino hasn’t backtracked on a memo he issued in November telling National Guard members they will not be required to get the jab.

Considering that state National Guards are made up in large part by citizens who already have day jobs and families, Biden might want to tread carefully before he loses a whole lot of volunteers who have been doing a fairly thankless job.

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