Joe Biden will cry himself to sleep tonight when he hears what a majority of voters are saying about him

Low approval numbers are nothing new for the Biden Administration – they’ve become par for the course.

The historically bad approval numbers haven’t stopped the Democrat party from moving forward with its radical agenda for America.

But even Joe Biden can’t help but take the latest poll results personally.

A new poll from Politico/Morning Consult asked voters if they agree or disagree with the following, simple statement: “Joe Biden is capable of leading the country.”

A majority of respondents, 51%, said they disagreed with the assertion.

And the news doesn’t get any better for President Brandon.

A plurality of Americans gave Biden an F grade for his first-year in Office.

The breakdown looked like this:

  • A = 11%
  • B = 20%
  • C = 18%
  • D = 12%
  • F = 37%

As you can see from some quick math, about half the country, 49% give President Biden a failing grade.

While only 31% of U.S. voters would grant the President a grade worthy of putting his report card on the refrigerator.

Tom Borelli of Newsmax says Americans should not be shocked by Biden’s performance.

“It’s no secret President Joe Biden’s first year in office was spectacularly bad and a disaster on many levels,” Borelli wrote. “The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, supply chain problems, a porous southern border and a 40-year high in inflation is just a partial list of his failures.”

Borelli left out surging crime rates, a failure to unite the country, backwards COVID policies and parents revolting over woke propaganda brainwashing their children in school classrooms.

But Borelli points out Americans are taking notice of these failures at the worst time for Democrats – as our nation approaches a pivotal Midterm election.

“Clearly, there is something wrong about the decision-making process in the White House . . . Biden is responsible and the buck does stop with him,” the Newsmax author declared. “The White House is in chaos and the inability for Biden to lead the nation for whatever reason puts Americans at risk.”

While voters are giving the President failing marks today, what matters most is if they pass or fail Democrats come November.

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