Joe Biden went into panic mode when he saw what the American people really think of him

Joe Biden has been carried by the so-called “mainstream” media.

The press has given Biden an overinflated sense of his job performance.

But Biden went into panic mode when he saw what the American people really think of him.

Ever since Joe Biden won the Democrat Primary, the corporate-controlled press has been propping him up.

He didn’t even have to campaign against Donald Trump.

Biden just sat in his basement and allowed the press to hammer Trump.

Worse yet, the corporate-controlled media and Big Tech colluded to suppress the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” scandal at the behest of the corrupt FBI.

Fifty former intelligence officials and the Democrat Media Complex dismissed the story as Russian disinformation even though it was completely true.

Despite Biden’s media cocoon, the American people are not nearly as high on Biden.

According to a recent poll, over half of respondents said that Biden was mentally unfit.

Timcast News reported that “results from the September 2022 Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll show that 56 percent of voters believe President Joe Biden is mentally unfit to serve as President of the United States. In addition, 64 percent of voters also believe Biden is too old to hold office as President . . . On his handling of the economy, only 37 percent of voters approve — a figure down seven points from a year ago. Considering his handling of immigration, only 37 percent of voters approve — down three points from a year ago. When asked about Biden’s ability to deal with violence and crime, only 38 percent of voters approve. And 36 percent of voters believe he is satisfactorily handling inflation, which ranked as their top concern. Biden’s overall approval rating is at 41 percent.”

So Biden gets bad marks in every single metric that matters.

However, that isn’t the impression that people would get if they only watched corporate-controlled media outlets like CNN or MSNBC.

The press has attempted to pump Biden up as some type of transformational figure.

In reality, people can see his obvious cognitive decline with their own two eyes.

The problem truly came into focus on matters of foreign policy.

Biden made several statements that his handlers had to scramble to retract.

He called for regime change in Moscow, American boots on the grounds in Ukraine, and the potential use of nerve gas in combat.

Biden is not inspiring confidence in anyone – at home or abroad.

That’s why a majority of Democrats don’t even want him to run again in 2024.

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