Joe Biden was shocked after what this Governor just did

The American economy is in shambles under Joe Biden.

Inflation, gas shortages, and unemployment have people begging for Trump’s return. 

And Joe Biden was shocked after what this Governor just did.

Joe Biden has been fumbling the ball since day one in office.

He spends more time hiding away or chipping away at Trump’s legacy than tackling the major problems all across the country.

One of the biggest problems is the massive government spending on unemployment. 

If spending trillions of dollars we don’t have wasn’t bad enough, it’s also the prime reason employers can’t find anyone to hire. 

They can make more money sitting at home watching TV than working a full-time job.

It’s gotten so bad that over 20 states have canceled their federally-funded unemployment programs.

And now New Hampshire is about to join their ranks.

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu just announced that he will be ending his state’s participation in the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program on June 19, giving his constituents a month to find a job.

“Moving forward, our focus will continue to be on getting people back to work,” Sununu continued. “We have plenty of jobs and we want folks to get back out there.”

But Sununu doesn’t think opting out of the PUN program will get residents back to work quick enough.

That’s why the state is creating a $10 million program to incentivize work.

Under this plan, part-time and full-time workers will receive “bonuses” of $500 and $1,000, respectively, if they keep the job for at least 8 weeks. 

Begging people to work and paying them tax dollars for showing up isn’t exactly the “build back better” agenda that Joe Biden promised on the campaign trail.

But empty promises are par for the course in the Swamp. 

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