Joe Biden was groaning after a top advisor told one jaw-dropping lie

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Joe Biden’s Presidency is a raging dumpster fire.

His regime is scrambling to try and defend his failed record.

And Joe Biden was groaning after a top advisor told one jaw-dropping lie.

After inheriting an economic recovery from the pandemic, President Joe Biden ran the economy straight into the ground.

His reckless spending and socialist policies are unleashing one economic crisis after another. 

Inflation is running rampant – energy prices are through the roof and the economy is teetering on the brink of a major recession.

Despite the obviously abysmal state of the economy, the Biden regime has tried to project sunny optimism. 

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese appeared at a White House press briefing to push the regime’s delusional economic messaging.

A reporter asked Deese about the disconnect between Biden’s claim that the state of the economy is strong and a recent ABC/Washington Post poll that found 41% of American families say they’re worse off financially since Joe Biden took office.

“On average, American households are in a better position than they were when the pandemic hit,” Deese claimed.

The ABC/Washington Post poll’s finding that 41% are worse off under a President is a record for the 37-year history of the poll.

Even the cheerleaders for Biden at ABC titled their story on the poll, “Record Numbers are Worse Off, A Recipe for Political Discontent.”

The same poll found that only 16% said they were better off under Biden.

Deese tried to spin the situation in Biden’s favor with a bald-faced lie.

“So I think, I think the poll that you just said it’s actually consistent so about two-thirds of Americans say that their circumstances are better than before,” Deese said.

Deese tried to claim that per “key measures of basic economic security” like having $400 saved in the bank and not being delinquent on credit card bills that American households are better off under Biden.

In the last year, credit debt has soared by 18.5% and a survey from Bankrate found that the majority of Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover a small emergency.

The rising cost of living in the Biden economy is making it harder than ever for the average family to make ends meet.

A reporter pointed out that he was combining the number of people who said they were about the same, with the number of people who claimed to be better off.

“When do more people start to feel optimistically about the outlook. Just to clarify only 16% feel better off,” a reporter noted.

 Deese smirked and then chuckled at being corrected about his lie.

“When do more start feeling better off about the financial future of the country?” the reporter asked.

A stammering Deese said, “Well look, I think, I don’t want to repeat myself.  We’ve got more work to do . . . We should continue down the path towards the progress that we’ve made.”

Joe Biden’s disastrous economic record is so indefensible, regime officials have to resort to over-the-top lies to defend him. 

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