Joe Biden was furious when one of his top officials was caught in this major scandal

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Joe Biden is presiding over one of the most scandal-ridden Presidencies in history.

But a mistake from the past is coming back to haunt a top official.

And Biden was furious when one of his top officials was caught in this major scandal.

Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh became the first Cabinet Secretary to depart the regime after he took a job as the head of the NHL’s players union.

President Joe Biden announced that he was nominating Deputy Secretary of Labor Julie Su to fill the position.

In announcing Su as his pick for Labor Secretary, Biden joked that he would be “run out of town” if he chose someone else.

Su served as California’s Secretary of Labor before she took her current position in the regime.

She was narrowly confirmed to her current position by the Senate by a 50-47 vote.

But Su is failing upwards after a massive scandal unfolded under her watch in California.

Seven Congressional Republicans from California sounded the alarm on Su after she oversaw $32 billion in unemployment fraud during her time as the state’s Labor Secretary in a letter. 

Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-CA) said that she presided over “one of the largest cases of unemployment insurance fraud” during the pandemic and she carried out some of the “most destructive labor policies in decades.”

California’s Employment Development Department, which administers unemployment benefits, handed out between $20 billion to $32 billion to swindlers during the pandemic.

The letter said that fraud was “infuriating” because it “could easily have been prevented had the state implemented proper fraud prevention systems.”

“While the state stood by twiddling its thumbs and $32 billion in fraudulent payments were being sent to individuals who did not qualify for the assistance, those who were eligible and truly needed the help did not receive payments in time for months on end,” the letter explained.

California was ripped off by foreign and domestic scammers who made false pandemic unemployment claims.

A state audit found that Su’s office allowed $400 million in pandemic relief to flow to more than 10,000 criminals including 100 on death row.

Su came clean at a press conference and admitted that the state had “not had sufficient security measures in place” to stop fraud.

She laughably admitted to her incompetence when she tried to blame former President Donald Trump for the scandal.

She claimed that the Trump administration didn’t give her office enough help to figure out how to prevent fraud.

The state’s auditor warned Su that she needed to increase privacy safeguards after her office mailed out millions of letters with exposed Social Security numbers to the wrong address.

Su ignored the warning and mailed out 38 million more letters that set the stage for an unprecedented level of identity theft that fueled unemployment fraud.

After the fraud occurred, she froze the unemployment accounts of 1.4 million needy Californians leaving them without benefits during the height of the pandemic.

Joe Biden is rewarding gross incompetence by giving Julie Su the biggest promotion of her career. 

At this point it seems typical for the failing Biden regime. 

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