Joe Biden was furious when he heard what one staffer said about his failed policies

    The American people are no longer confident in Joe Biden.

    But that’s only the beginning of his problems.

    And Joe Biden was furious when he heard what one staffer said about his failed policies.

    The Biden administration is taking on water fast and people are jumping ship.

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki left for greener pastures at MSNBC and now people still within the administration are chirping.

    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said “I was wrong” about inflation, which has reached a 40-year high, and aides behind the scenes are exhibiting exasperation with Biden.

    The corporate-controlled press has protected Joe Biden with puff pieces about his love of ice cream, but people within the administration don’t find it as endearing.

    CNN reported that “the country is pulling itself apart, pandemic infections keep coming, inflation keeps rising, a new crisis on top of new crisis arrives daily and Biden can’t see a way to address that while also being the looser, happier, more sympathetic, lovingly Onion-parody inspiring, aviator-wearing, vanilla chip cone-licking guy — an image that was the core of why he got elected in the first place. ‘He has to speak to very serious things,’ explained one White House aide, ‘and you can’t do that getting ice cream.’”

    Biden has been an avatar president, but that isn’t going to cut it with serious crises popping up left and right.

    And the so-called “mainstream” media can no longer protect him.

    The tension between Biden and his staff isn’t a one-way street.

    NBC News reported that “Biden is unhappy about a pattern that has developed inside the West Wing. He makes a clear and succinct statement — only to have aides rush to explain that he actually meant something else. The so-called clean-up campaign, he has told advisers, undermines him and smothers the authenticity that fueled his rise. Worse, it feeds a Republican talking point that he’s not fully in command.”

    Biden doesn’t even realize that his staff is trying to save him from himself.

    Off-the-cuff statements from Biden include calling for regime change in Moscow, suggesting the United States might use chemical weapons in violation of the Geneva conventions, and telling U.S. troops stationed in Europe that they would soon be in Ukraine.

    The Democrats thought they could run a figurehead as President, and it has completely blown up in their faces.

    Almost nothing can save them from a red wave in the Midterms.

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