Joe Biden was caught red-handed lying after this surprising revelation

Joe Biden is a product of spending a 50-year career in the Washington, D.C. Swamp.

Now serving in the highest office in the land, he’s under a bigger magnifying glass.

And he was caught red-handed lying after this surprising revelation.

Joe Biden’s political career has been defined by a remarkable amount of dishonesty – even for a career politician.

His first Presidential campaign in 1988 crashed and burned after being busted for plagiarizing speeches.

As President, Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has turned into one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in American history.

From the start, the Biden regime botched the situation.

They’ve tried to blame President Trump for the situation and spin what they can as a success.

Now answers are being demanded after complete and total failure by the regime.

The Senate Armed Services Committee brought in the architects of the botched withdrawal to testify under oath before the committee.

Generals Mark Milley and Frank McKenzie were grilled by Senators about the situation.

In a shocking revelation, General McKenzie said that he told Biden to leave 2,500 troops in the country to prop up the Afghan government.

The Generals also say they warned Biden that the Afghan government was close to collapse and recommended against Biden’s withdrawal timeline.

This testimony under oath blows the lid off several major Biden lies.

In a corporate-controlled media interview, Biden tried to save face after the disaster and said no one in the regime told him to keep troops in the country.

He also has repeatedly pushed the lie that no one knew how close the Afghan government was to collapse.

Though a transcript of his phone call with the then-Afghan President Mohammad Ghani showed that was a lie as he pressed Ghani to lie to the public about the state of affairs in Afghanistan.

With the constant string of disasters, this is the blueprint for the Swamp monsters in Biden’s regime to spin failure.

On the border crisis, COVID, and the economy, Biden and his administration have lied and blamed Trump as they’ve bungled them.

But the American people aren’t buying the lies and deflection as his poll numbers sink like a brick.

The lies and spin threaten to tank what little is left of his tattered credibility.

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