Joe Biden was caught off-guard by this Supreme Court ruling that is sure to tie the Democrats’ hands in 2022

The Supreme Court has handed down some shocking rulings over the last few weeks.

In several instances, the justices banded together on issues that surprised everyone.

Even Joe Biden was caught off-guard by this Supreme Court ruling that is sure to tie the Democrats’ hands in 2022.

No sooner did Biden sit down in the oval office than talk of the 2022 midterm elections began.

Many are predicting Republicans will mop the floor with the Democrats in the coming midterms.

So it’s no surprise that Biden and the rest of the Democrat party are holding their breath over some of the election integrity cases that are in front of judges all over the country, including the Supreme Court.

Brnovich v. The Democratic National Committee was one of the most anticipated cases of this Supreme Court term.

In the case, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sued the State of Arizona and Mark Brnovich, Arizona’s Attorney General.

The DNC argued that the tossing of ballots from voters who vote in the wrong precinct and the banning of third-party ballot harvesting schemes violated section two of the Voting Rights Act.

The Supreme Court handed down a six-to-three majority decision that put the kibosh on the Democrats being able to challenge state election integrity laws.

“Having to identify one’s own polling place and then travel there to vote does not exceed the ‘usual burdens of voting.’ On the contrary, these tasks are quintessential examples of the usual burdens of voting,” Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito stated.

And in what can only be described as one of the more shocking moves, even turncoat John Roberts had something to say about the Democrats trying to argue these state laws.

Roberts cited a 2005 report commissioned by the federal government on mail-in voting, opening the possibility of fraud as to why laws banning ballot harvesting passed the smell test.

The majority stated that the DNC lawyers needed to prove widespread harm to minority groups and prove that Arizona had no interest in preventing voter fraud.

They proved neither.

There is no doubt this is a real blow to Biden’s lawsuit against Georgia’s new election integrity law.

It’s likely that this ruling will cause Pelosi and her liberal cronies to bring back the supposed “For the People Act” in hopes of taking complete control of all election processes, ensuring a total Democrat takeover.

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