Joe Biden was briefed on one intelligence report that will leave you red with rage

When Joe Biden won the Democrats’ nomination for President in 2020, many suspected he would be nothing more than a figure-head.

But no one saw this coming.

Because Joe Biden was briefed on one intelligence report that will leave you red with rage.

To say the Democrats were obsessed with the fake news narrative that Russia interfered with our elections in 2016 that gave Donald Trump and the Republicans a strong majority in Washington, D.C. would be an understatement.

The Democrats literally couldn’t get over it for the entirety of Donald Trump’s four years in office.

They wasted millions of taxpayer dollars on sham investigations headed by Special Counsel investigator Robert Mueller that lasted months on end.

And ultimately it produced nothing, even though the Democrats thought it would be the smoking gun they would need to kick Trump out of office with impeachment.

You’d be forgiven if you thought they just might be over the Russia-blaming for their election losses.

But apparently that’s not the case.

According to reports, President Biden’s intelligence advisors are telling him that Russia is already trying to fix our 2022 elections.

CNN reports:

The Biden administration is receiving regular intelligence reports indicating Russian efforts to interfere in US elections are evolving and ongoing, current and former officials say, and in fact, never stopped, despite President Joe Biden’s warnings to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the summer and a new round of sanctions imposed in the spring.

Biden made deliberate mention of Russia’s operations two weeks ago when he revealed in public remarks to the intelligence community that that he had received fresh intelligence about “what Russia’s doing already about the 2022 election and misinformation” in his daily intelligence briefing that day.

What’s going on here is so obvious it’d be laughable if it weren’t so infuriating.

Democrats know full well that 2022 could end up being an extremely damaging year for their grip of power on Congress and the Washington, D.C. “Swamp.”

So they are drumming up another Russian election interference hoax to have not only a built-in excuse to use to propagandize their radical base, but also to beat Republicans over the head with even if there’s no truth to it at all.

Simply put, there’s not any evidence that Russia has even moved any needle in any election in the United States, much less changed an entire outcome.

And the reality is that our so-called “intelligence” agencies like the NSA, FBI, and CIA are corrupt agencies that serve the Deep State instead of the interests of the American people.

Joe Biden is likely being briefed on bologna “intel” to manipulate his administration.

Which is all the more evidence that Biden is nothing but an empty suit.

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