Joe Biden was blindsided when Chuck Schumer gave him this devastating news

Democrats are reeling going into November’s Midterm elections.

They’re trying to project confidence publicly.

But Biden was blindsided when Chuck Schumer gave him this devastating news.

Democrats’ fortunes are fading going into November’s Midterm elections.

Republicans have seized the momentum and are poised to flip control of both chambers of Congress.

While Democrat campaigns have been collapsing, party leaders have been projecting optimism about their chances of maintaining control of Congress.

But during a recent visit by President Joe Biden to Syracuse, New York, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told him that Democrats are “going downhill” in a key Senate race.

A hot mic managed to capture a private conservation between Schumer and Biden on the tarmac of Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

“That seat, we’re, we’re in danger in that seat,” Schumer told Biden before adding, ““It’s close. We’ll see.”

It’s unclear what Senate race Schumer was referring to because the mic only caught part of the conversation.

“But you know, it looks like the debate didn’t hurt too much in Pennsylvania as of today, so that’s good . . . basically, we’re picking up steam in Nevada,” Schumer continued.

Pennsylvania Democrat Senate candidate John Fetterman completely bombed in his debate against Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman, who suffered a debilitating stroke in May, struggled to answer questions and put together coherent thoughts.

Despite Schumer’s optimism about the debate not hurting Fetterman, many Democrats are conceding it could cost the party the race.

Nevada is one of Republicans best pick up opportunities in the senate this year.

Incumbent Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has been trailing in virtually every poll since Labor Day against Republican Adam Laxalt.

Schumer sounded the alarm on one of the biggest Senate races this year in Georgia.

“The state where we are seeing, the state we are going downhill is Georgia. It’s hard to believe that they will go for Herschel Walker,” a shocked Schumer told Biden.

In Georgia, Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock is fighting for his political life against former football star Herschel Walker.

The hotly contested race could decide which party controls the Senate after the Midterm elections.

Now, Schumer is now acknowledging that Warnock is in real danger in his re-election bid.

With the Senate tied at 50 Senators a party, every seat is crucial if Schumer wants to hang on to his razor-thin majority.

Democrats have been confident about their chances of hanging on to the Senate but in a private exchange that was never meant for the public, Schumer is sounding the alarm.

Despite his public optimism on the Senate, Chuck Schumer is quietly panicking about losing his job running the Senate after the Midterm elections.

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