Joe Biden used one word to describe Barack Obama’s former top advisor that left Democrats in disarray

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The polls keep getting worse for Joe Biden.

Some Democrat Party officials are starting to publicly voice their concerns about Joe Biden.

But Joe Biden used one word to describe Barack Obama’s former top advisor that left Democrats in disarray.

Democrats are in full panic mode over the latest New York Times/Siena poll showing Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in five of the top six battleground states that will decide the 2024 election.

Left-wing Politico columnist Jonathan Martin recently published an op-ed where he sounded the alarm to Democrats about Joe Biden’s trainwreck of a re-election campaign.

Martin ripped Biden for allegedly referring to Barack Obama’s former top advisor, David Axelrod, as a “prick.”

“Calling David Axelrod ‘a prick’ as a person who has heard Biden use the word says he does in private, is not a strategy to win 270 electoral votes,” Martin wrote. “And repeating a PG version of the same animus in public while litigating polling with the White House press corps also won’t make Biden’s re-election any likelier.”

In response to the devastating New York Times/Siena poll of the six top battleground states, Axelrod publicly hinted that he believed Joe Biden should bow out of the race and pass the torch to another candidate in 2024.

“Only @JoeBiden can make this decision,” Axelrod wrote on X. “If he continues to run, he will be the nominee of the Democratic Party,” he continued. “What he needs to decide is whether that is wise; whether it’s in HIS best interest or the country’s?”

Apparently, Axelrod’s comments angered Joe Biden, who allegedly referred to him as “a prick.”

Martin said he spoke with “dozens of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans” about what changes Joe Biden could make to improve his chances in 2024.

According to Martin, “the level of despair was striking” among all of them.

The one thing each person told Martin was that “change must start with Biden himself.”

“Enough with the bravado and denialism,” Martin wrote. “Even some of his most committed loyalists told me he needs to make changes.”

In short, Martin believes, absent a miracle from God, Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris next November.

And Democrats will not win if Joe Biden does not change.

“As one shrewd Democrat argued, the party enters 2024 with advantages on message, money, organization and brand,” Martin wrote. “Their problem is the messenger.”

“He can and should try to fix that,” Martin concluded.

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