Joe Biden turned white as a ghost when he took a look at these poll numbers

The Biden administration is bursting at the seams.

Even Democrats are running scared from his policies.

And Joe Biden turned white as a ghost when he took a look at these poll numbers.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers have tumbled into the high 30s.

But the big problem for Biden and the Democrats is that there is no easy way out of the countless crises they have created.

And according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, an eye-popping 94% of Americans are concerned about inflation.

Respondents were asked, “Thinking about the current rate of inflation, meaning rising prices – is this something you are upset about, concerned about but not upset, or not concerned about?”

Roughly 44% of adults polled were “upset” about inflation, and an additional 50% were “concerned but not upset” about it.

That means only 6% of Americans are not concerned about inflation.

“Bidenflation” has again hit a 40-year high – in 1982, inflation crept over 14%.

Even though the rate of inflation has not technically hit 1982 levels yet, the problem is arguably worse today because the Consumer Price Index (CPI) used to calculate inflation has been grossly manipulated over the years.

For example, the CPI is based on a basket of goods, but the government can arbitrarily add and remove goods to the “basket,” meaning the government can include items that have not had such a dramatic increase to balance things out.

Using the CPI from 1982, inflation is actually worse than the 1982 levels, and the worst since the 1940s.

The same poll also showed that only 42% of Americans approved of Biden’s job performance, and 52% disapproved.

But perhaps most troubling for Biden and his cronies is that more Americans trust Republicans over Democrats to solve the country’s major issues.

On the economy, 50% trust Republicans more, while only 36% trust Democrats.

On the issue of crime, a plurality trusted Republicans over Democrats (47% to 36%).

The GOP had a massive lead on curbing inflation (50% to 31%).

And despite all of the Democratic furor over immigration, the poll showed that Republicans hold a narrow edge on the issues (43% to 40%).

Biden is slightly above water on COVID – remarkably, 51% approve of his handling of the pandemic, but that number could plummet if the Biden administration tries to pivot back toward lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates.

All of these numbers are adding up to a massive red wave in the Midterms.

Democrats are bracing for this, as evidenced by dozens of incumbents in Congress declining to run for re-election.

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