Joe Biden turned white as a ghost after he got this devastating news

Joe Biden ran on competency and a return to normalcy for the country.

Now, just 250 days after his inauguration, his regime is falling apart at the seams with mounting disasters everywhere.

And Biden turned white as a ghost after he got this devastating news.

The economy under Joe Biden is a throwback to the stagflation of the Jimmy Carter era.

Sluggish economic growth is being combined with rampant inflation to deliver a 1-2 gut punch to Americans.

Biden’s first major bill after being elected was a left-wing grab bag in the American Rescue Plan.

It flooded the economy with nearly $2 trillion in debt financed spending.

Now the chickens are coming home roost for the Biden regime after their reckless spending.

A trio of major corporations delivered some bad news about inflation.

Costco, Nike, and FedEx said that more inflation is going to hit consumers as the holidays approach.

The CFO of Costco warned that skyrocketing costs of shipping containers from Asia were becoming permanently inflationary.

Nike’s CFO also warned of higher shipping costs driving up prices for consumers saying the situation would last at least until the next year.

FedEx warned that it will hike shipping rates by 5.9% to combat rising prices.

The trio of companies added to the drum beat of bad news on the inflation.

“Transitory inflation” has been the excuse trotted out by the regime to cover for their failings.

Companies and banks across the board have been warning that inflation is here to stay.

Economists have slashing economic growth predictions for the rest of the year from the Biden stagflation.

With the regime in the home stretch of pushing a trillion dollar infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill through narrow majorities in Congress, the news couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Vulnerable Democrats could be especially nervous about taking a vote to pour gasoline on the fire of inflation with massive spending bills.

As the bad economic news mounts, Biden and the Democrats are being set up for a brutal 2022 election cycle.

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