Joe Biden tries to mend fences with Texas ranchers after they sent him this unwelcome message

The Biden administration didn’t see this one coming.

They thought the allure of big money would do the trick.

But now, Joe Biden is left trying to mend fences with Texas ranchers after they sent him this unwelcome message.

Joe Biden has spent his career attempting to buy people off.

Especially when things aren’t going his way.

He especially likes using other people’s money, most especially taxpayer money. And he has, to his credit, made a very good living out of running this scam on the American people.

And as we are now finding out, on foreign governments as well.

It turns out many people can be bought, especially if the price is right. And Joe Biden and his family have done a very good job taking full advantage of this.

Well, it turns out this isn’t always true, at least not in the Lonestar state, and not when it involves people’s livelihoods, and their principles.

According to a report in The Washington Examiner, it seems Texas ranchers are turning their backs on monetary handouts from the Biden administration, insisting instead of payments to help cover the damage illegal immigrants are causing them, the Biden administration address the crisis at the border.

The Department of Agriculture is offering farmers the chance to make claims for damage to fencing, lost livestock or damaged crops, due to illegal immigrants according to the report.

But a large number of ranchers are saying this does not solve their problems. They prefer that the government do something to actually solve the problem, not offer payouts.

“It looks good on paper. It looks good in the media,” rancher John Paul Schuster told the Examiner. “But in reality, it’s not servicing us right now.”

“I don’t have high hopes we’re going to get money or that it’s going to work because of the way they’ve worded it,” said Page Day, a professional outfitter who hosts and guides hunters on his 20,000-acre ranch.

Day, told the Examiner he has spent around $60,000 just on fence repairs, said “I almost want to say it’s a political stunt by the government to say, ‘Look, we are helping the ranchers?’”

And Billy Whaley said the program is way too slow and too cumbersome.

“It’s probably going to be more trouble than it’s worth [to apply] because nothing is simple with the government,” Whaley said. “If I have to spend four or five hours filling out stuff and sending it in then have somebody come look at it, by the time they do that, we’ve already fixed another fence.”

Ann Hodge told the Examiner that she and her husband Byron are not going to apply.

“We don’t want anything from the government. There’s going to be strings attached,” she said. “You never know when they’re going to try and say they might need that money back now and have the power to take it away from us.”

As usual, the government just doesn’t understand the problem.

The endless wave of illegal immigrants continues to cost ranchers money in many ways that the federal government hasn’t even thought about, including the impact of the junk they leave behind.

“Those cattle eat it, and because of their digestive system and the way it’s set up, they end up getting what we call hardware disease. They can’t process their diet anymore, so they get skinny and eventually die,” Schuster said.

And Schuster said it is far worse, and far more dangerous than that. As long as the border is wide open, any moment of the day or night can turn to panic.

He emailed the Examiner last week that Texas Department of Public Safety officials told him they were searching his property for illegal immigrants.

“DPS called me and said foot chase headed towards your house,” Schuster wrote. “So, we turned off all the TVs and one light wife had on in bedroom. She went to bed — I am sitting still in recliner with dog and pistol by my side.”

Well Joe Biden, what is the price for that?

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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