Joe Biden tried to spin his pathetic jobs report by putting it “in perspective”

When it comes to trying to spin their failures into successes, the far-left has no shame.

No matter how often their policies create disastrous results, they’ll happily try to convince people that everything is great.

And that’s exactly what Joe Biden did last week when he tried to spin his pathetic jobs report by putting it “in perspective.”

Over the past few weeks, we were told that the economy was supposedly bouncing back after more than a year of a recession caused by the lockdowns instituted by politicians and unelected bureaucrats.

Dow Jones even estimated that the April jobs report would boast one million new jobs and an unemployment rate of just 5.8%.

However, when the jobs report was actually released the numbers were absolutely dismal, as the economy under Joe Biden’s leadership added just 266,000 jobs and unemployment rose to a staggering 6.1%.

But while most everyone whose judgment isn’t clouded by far-left bias could admit that the jobs report was utterly pathetic, Joe Biden took a much different route.

After arriving more than 20 minutes late, Biden delivered a speech in which he attempted to spin the jobs report as promising by putting it “in perspective.”

“We never thought that after the first 50 or 60 days everything would be fine,” Biden claimed. “Today there is more evidence that our economy is moving in the right direction, but it’s clear we have a long way to go.”

Biden argued that Friday’s report was proof that his American Rescue Plan, which sent billions in direct payments to Americans – albeit, far smaller payments than he campaigned on – was necessary.

He then claimed that it also proved that America needs his American Jobs Plan, a more than $2 trillion “infrastructure bill” that spends far more on far-left initiatives like electric cars, so-called “sustainable” housing, free community college, and climate-based research and development than actual infrastructure, and is wildly unpopular amongst Republicans and moderate Democrats.

“My laser focus is on vaccinating our country, and we’re making continued progress,” Biden declared. “My laser focus is on one more thing: Making sure working people in this country, hard-working people are no longer left out in the cold.”

Admittedly, it’s hard to understand how someone who is so incapable of completing coherent thoughts that he’s been ordered to not answer questions from the media unless his staff writes out answers for him could be “laser focused” on two initiatives at once.

Regardless, that type of misguided faith in one’s own mental capacity isn’t the only reason Joe Biden is delusional.

Despite the fact that the lockdowns Democrats put in place that destroyed our economy are now beginning to be rolled back, the economy is still crippled.

Some want to claim it’s due to a “shortage of available workers,” but let’s be real, it’s because Joe Biden and his Democrat allies have ensured that some Americans can receive just as much money from the government as they would if they actually worked.

Why would anyone want to go back to work when they can make basically the same exact money to just stay at home?

Joe Biden can spin this jobs report all he wants, but this is the new normal under his leadership.

Much like Barack Obama’s so-called “recovery,” Biden’s “recovery” is simply nonexistent.

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