Joe Biden tried to address the nation as President-elect. But his speech left jaws on the floor.

Shortly after the Electoral College convened, Joe Biden tried to address the nation.

His plan was to claim victory and present himself as President-elect.

But his speech left jaws on the floor.

In what was supposed to be yet another speech to declare victory, the former Vice President was visibly struggling as he coughed and struggled to get words out between breathing heavily and hacking up phlegm.

Americans questioned whether Joe Biden had contracted the coronavirus or if the 78-year-old was simply just in such an ill state of health that even the slightest change of weather or environment could cause him difficulty.

This incident only added weight to what many Americans have suspected all along.

And that is that if Joe Biden is elected President, he will soon step down for health-related concerns, and Kamala Harris will become the next President.

Biden himself even professed multiple times while on the campaign trail that he was simply a vessel to be utilized by the Democrat Party to transfer power to the next generation of Democrat Party Leaders.

Many Americans have deep speculations that Biden all along has been nothing more than a means to an end for the Democrat party.

Biden’s weak performance has many believing that Kamala Harris will step in to aid the sickly Joe, sooner rather than later.

The Left knew Harris could never have pulled out a victory on her own.

But with Joe Biden as the frontman, Democrats had a chance to get her into office.

And their plan might just have worked, with Joe Biden’s ailing health on full display.

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