Joe Biden shocked everyone when he said three words about Hunter

Hunter Biden is a pain in the neck for Papa Joe.

His growing scandals could cost Joe everything.

And Joe Biden shocked everyone when he said three words about Hunter.

The walls could finally be closing in on Hunter Biden.

Hunter is under a federal grand jury investigation in Delaware for tax crimes from his shady foreign business deals that traded on his father’s political position.

A bombshell report from the Washington Post revealed that federal agents believe there’s enough evidence to charge Hunter with multiple tax crimes and for lying on a federal background form to purchase a handgun.

President Joe Biden appeared on CNN for a rare interview with Fake Jake Tapper telling the host he was “just so proud” of Hunter.

After the bombshell report from the Post, Tapper asked Biden about his thoughts on potential crimes charges against Hunter.

“Our reporting, CNN’s reporting, and the Washington Post’s reporting suggests that prosecutors think they could, they have enough to, charge your son Hunter for tax crimes and a false statement about a gun purchase,” Tapper said. “Personally and politically, how do you react to that?”

“Well, first of all, I’m proud of my son. This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man. He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life,” Biden replied.

Biden completely dodged the question and tried to draw sympathy with Hunter’s addiction problem.

“He is — I’m confident that he is — what he says and does are consistent with what happens. And for example, he wrote a book about his problems and was straightforward about it. I’m proud of him,” Biden continued.

Biden ignored the tax crimes but commented on the potential gun charges.

“He came along and said, by the way, this thing about a gun — I didn’t know anything about it. But turns out that when he made application to purchase a gun, what happened was he — I guess you get asked — I don’t guess, you get asked a question, are you on drugs, or do use drugs? He said no. And he wrote about saying no in his book” Biden explained.

Lying about drug use on the background check form for a gun is a federal felony.

During a 2018 handgun purchase, Hunter lied on the background check form by saying “no” to a question about whether he was a user of or addicted to illegal drugs.

“So I have great confidence in my son. I love him and he’s on the straight and narrow, and he has been for a couple years now. And I’m just so proud of him,” Biden concluded.

When CNN is asking about Hunter’s potential criminal charges this is a growing problem that isn’t going away for Joe Biden.

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