Joe Biden said three crushing words that will come back to bite him big time

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Joe Biden’s Presidency consisted of careening from one crisis to another.

They are all largely self-inflicted.

And Joe Biden said three crushing words that will come back to bite him big time.

The media-curated image of Joe Biden as a caring politician whose political superpower is empathy completely collapsed.

It was bad enough that Biden refused to acknowledge the existence of Hunter Biden’s four-year-old daughter Navy Joan Roberts because it was politically embarrassing.

But Biden showed complete indifference to the wildfires out in Maui that killed at least 111 residents – with the toll likely to climb far higher in the coming days – which looked like scenes out of an apocalyptic disaster film.

At first, Biden offered a stern “no comment” when asked about the fires as Biden could not be bothered to disrupt his beach vacation to comment on the suffering of his fellow Americans.

After facing a pummeling in the media for keeping up his vacation while authorities unearth bodies in Maui that they could not even identify because they were burned so badly, the White House hastily announced a trip for Biden to visit Maui.

But the callous Biden even made a mess of that.

Biden scowled “no, not now” when a reporter asked for details about his trip.

“No, not now. I’ll be leaving and I’ll be there on Monday,” Biden huffed before storming off.

Biden’s response to the wildfires in Maui is his Hurricane Katrina moment.

FEMA offered a paltry $700 check and the federal response has fallen apart.

“We hear that we have lots of provisions, whether it be through FEMA or Red Cross, but everybody is on a different page,” Maui resident Dominick Gambino told the New York Post. “Emergency services and organizations that should be coordinated and organized, in the public eyes, have completely fallen through.”

Democratic Hawaii state Rep. Elle Cochran said the administration kept her in the dark as to if there is even a federal response.

“I am the state House representative, I should be a part of those plans, I should be part of that discussion,” Cochran declared. “I have not been. From Day 1, I have been left in the dark. I feel like I’ve been iced out.”

Maui residents don’t want Biden there to pose for a few pictures to pretend like he cares to try and make up for the disastrous federal relief effort.

“I don’t want him here,” Lahaina resident Jay Awan explained to the Post. “He’s just coming to Maui to look good in front of the cameras.”

“It’s like a f***ing warzone here,” Awan concluded. “Maui’s never going to be the same. Lahaina’s never going to be the same.”

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