Joe Biden refuses to admit this one truth about the skyrocketing inflation

Joe Biden has destroyed the American economy and he hasn’t even been in the White House a year yet.

His mismanagement of the supply chain and continued push for more COVID mandates that are killing American jobs have made a mess that could take decades to clean up.

And Joe Biden refuses to admit this one truth about the skyrocketing inflation.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet and the rising prices hitting Americans are only making it dip more.

Biden and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell tried to divert American’s attention as prices began rising by printing trillions to fund Joe Biden’s bloated spending bills and calling inflation “transitory.”

But as time passed things only got worse and prices shot up by 6.2% in October.

This is the largest jump in 30 years.

Fed Chair Powell had no choice but to admit in testimony before the Senate Banking Committee what was really going on.

“So I think the word ‘transitory’ has different meanings to different people. To many it carries a sense of ‘short-lived.’ We tend to use it to mean that it won’t leave a permanent mark in the form of higher inflation,” Powell told Senators. “I think it’s probably a good time to retire and try to explain more clearly what we mean.”

It’s clear, even Powell had to admit, that inflation is here to stay and that the word “transitory” needs to be shelved.

Democrats are beginning to distance themselves from Biden’s economic disaster as they fear losing their power in 2022.

Biden has made a mess of the country and it doesn’t appear he intends to fix it anytime soon.

As more Americans face skyrocketing prices and feel the pinch in their wallets, Joe Biden continues to push massive spending bills that are only making the situation worse.

Joe Biden doesn’t care about the American people – he cares about control.

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