Joe Biden plans to CRUSH free speech by nominating this extremist to a key position

The Republicans fumbled the ball in the 2022 Midterms.

They allowed Democrats to pick up an additional Senate seat.

And Joe Biden plans to CRUSH free speech by nominating this extremist to a key position.

Far-left radical Gigi Sohn has again been nominated by Joe Biden to be a Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) commissioner.

Sohn could not pass through Senate confirmation, but with the Democrats getting a 51st seat, they feel as though they can squeeze her through this time around.

The Verge reported that “Sohn, a public interest advocate and former FCC counselor, was first nominated to the post in October 2021. Since then, she’s struggled to gain the necessary support of moderate Democrats and has faced an intense opposition campaign staged by Republicans and telecom industry groups. But last November’s Democratic Senate midterm wins could be a boon for Sohn’s nomination, adding an additional Democratic senator into the mix and possibly securing her confirmation . . . Some moderate Democrats, like Arizona’s future Independent party senator Kyrsten Sinema, have long-opposed federal net neutrality laws. Sinema previously voted to approve Sohn’s nomination out of the Senate Commerce Committee, but it’s unclear whether she would vote for final approval if Sohn’s nomination was brought to the floor. Other Democrats, like Sens. Mark Kelly (AZ) and Catherine Cortez Masto, have yet to commit their support for Sohn.”

Sohn, like so many other Biden picks, is a left-wing activist.

In the past, she called for the FCC to investigate the license of Sinclair Broadcast Group, and once ran an organization that demanded One America News Network be from cable and satellite providers.

Sohn clearly favors censorship along ideological grounds, which would make her a disaster on the FCC.

It’s quite telling that “moderate” Joe Biden is so dead-set on Sohn being on the FCC when there are countless reasonable candidates available.

The truth is that the Biden administration is not moderate.

Biden is the figurehead of a hard-left administration pushing the Democrat Party toward the fringes.

Sohn was once a featured attendee at an event run by a far-left group called Movement Labs (formerly Resistance Labs).

In promotion for the event, Movement Labs put out a press release that read, “Who is this pinnacle of trust-busting that has earned the ire of evil? Gigi Sohn, founder of Public Knowledge and nominee to the FCC, where she would fill out a 3-2 progressive majority capable of breaking up Sinclair’s right-wing propaganda machine.”

This anti-free speech, pro-censorship extremist is who Biden is so eager to seat as FCC commissioner.

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