Joe Biden made this damning confession about his cognitive decline

Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

The debate made clear to all Americans what many knew from day one – Joe Biden suffers from severe cognitive impairment.

This carefully hidden truth is now the number one issue in the Presidential campaign.

And Joe Biden made this damning confession about his cognitive decline.

Joe Biden finally comments on his debate performance

Even Joe Biden couldn’t sugarcoat his debate performance.

Speaking to donors at a fundraiser in MacLean, Virginia, Biden blamed his schedule for the shoddy performance.

“I wasn’t very smart,” Biden said, according to The Washington Post’s Matt Viser.

Biden claimed he was worn down from traveling to Italy for the G-7 Summit prior to the debate as to why he looked so lethargic on stage.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple times, going through I don’t know how many time zones — for real I think it 15 time zones . . . I didn’t listen to my staff,” Biden added.

“And then I came back and nearly fell asleep on stage,” Biden concluded.

Even the media isn’t buying this one

Biden’s excuse struck even sympathetic members of the media as preposterous.

The Dispatch’s Stephen Hayes called Biden a liar for offering up travel as an excuse for the meltdown.

Biden was home from the G-7 by June 15.

The debate was June 27.

Biden spent an entire week at Camp David resting and preparing for the debate.

And even Biden’s debate preparation was even more alarming than anyone knew.

The New York Times reported that Biden didn’t begin debate preparation until 11AM.

Even with that late start, staff still had to build time into the schedule for Joe Biden to take an afternoon nap.

If Joe Biden can’t handle a debate 12 days after a foreign trip, it’s no longer just his mental acuity in question.

Biden is now saying he is too physically infirm to carry out his duties as President.

Democrats continue to fret over the fact that Joe Biden shows no inclination to get out of the race.

After spending 50 years chasing the Presidency, Biden isn’t going to make this easy on his party.

Party leaders and the media will have to forcefully shove Biden off the stage if they want a new candidate.

But Biden also has a responsibility to the country.

Every world leader – hostile and friendly – saw for themselves that the President of the United States was no longer of sound mind.

Now Biden’s admitting the light schedule he keeps is too physically taxing for his body to withstand.

That invites trouble.

World War III could break out at any moment in Europe or the Middle East.

Communist China could think now is their window to launch an invasion of Taiwan.

Very few Americans would trust Joe Biden to navigate a world crisis at the moment.

And many are wondering why Biden’s putting his own political fortunes ahead of the safety and security of the United States.