Joe Biden made one confession about Donald Trump that will leave your jaw on the floor

Photo by Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Polls show the 2024 election very well may be a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Democrats got some bad news.

And Joe Biden made one confession about Donald Trump that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia and the critical swing state of Pennsylvania to pitch his new $6.9 trillion budget – which raises $5.5 trillion in new taxes – as a model of fiscal sanity.

At one point in his remarks Biden slipped up and referred to Donald Trump as the “maybe future President.”

“You may remember that I had a big fight with the former President, and maybe future President,” Biden stated.

Biden quickly corrected himself and the allegedly “devout Catholic” – Biden is not really a Catholic as he rejects the Church teaching on abortion, homosexual marriage and transgenderism – made a sign of the cross in a “bless me father for I have sinned” gesture.

The crowd ended up playing along and laughing.

But Biden calling Trump the “maybe future President” is more of an admission as to where the 2024 race stands than Democrats would care to admit.

A new YouGov poll showed Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by two points in a General Election matchup.

Most worrisome for Biden is the fact that independent voters swung eight points toward Donald Trump in a month.

The YouGov survey is the third poll in the last month to show Trump defeating Biden.

Polling data showing Trump beating Biden helps explain a series of moves in the last two weeks where Biden is trying to gaslight the American people into thinking he is pivoting to the center after two years of governing like a Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clone.

Biden wanted the take away from his socialist spending blowout to be that his budget supposedly cut three trillion from the deficit.

Of course, this is not really the case.

Biden also announced he would sign a GOP Congressional resolution overriding Washington, D.C. City Council’s new law lowering the penalties for violent crimes.

And Biden also is considering reinstating Trump’s policy ending catch and release at the border.

In any General Election matchup Joe Biden knows he is vulnerable on crime, inflation, and the border.

That’s why Biden is now trying to recast himself as a commonsense centrist and Biden knows the current trajectory of events means Donald Trump will be the “future President.”

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