Joe Biden let out a sigh of relief over these three words Barack Obama wrote about 2024

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Over three-fourths of Americans believe Joe Biden is incapable of serving another four years in the White House.

Polls also show a lack of enthusiasm among Democrats for Joe Biden’s reelection efforts.

That’s why Joe Biden let out a sigh of relief over these three words Barack Obama wrote about 2024.

The polls just keep getting worse for President Joe Biden.

A new poll from The New York Times found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in five of the six crucial battleground states.

And on Sunday, a poll by CBS News/YouGov found Americans are viewing Joe Biden’s America with an increasing amount of pessimism.

According to the poll, nearly three-fourths of Americans believe the United States is going badly under Joe Biden’s direction.

This is an increase of eight points in just ten months for Biden.

Only 18 percent of respondents believe a potential Biden second term would benefit them financially.

Biden’s age and declining mental faculties combined with his failed Presidency are driving his dismal poll numbers down lower and causing even Democrats to question his decision for a second term.

On Sunday, former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama, David Axelrod, pushed Biden to drop out of the race due to the recent polls showing him trailing Trump in five of the six key states.

But Joe Biden has one prominent Democrat now proudly in his corner.

And that Democrat is none other than former President Barack Obama.

Joe Biden released a video on Sunday celebrating the 15-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney.

“Hello everyone,” Biden said in a video on social media. “For all of us, there are so many memories about that night in Grant Park 15 years ago tonight.”

“With Barack and Michelle in office, we went to work full of purpose and excited about the possibility before the nation,” Biden said.

Barack Obama shared the video in a post on X where he tried to give Joe Biden a momentum boost to his struggling campaign.

“For eight years, @POTUS and I worked to deliver change for the American people,” Obama wrote. “I couldn’t have asked for a better Vice President and friend — and we’ll always be thankful to all the campaign staff and Administration alumni who helped bring that progress to folks across the country.”

“Yes we can,” Obama continued, before adding “yes we did.”

Polls show a complete lack of enthusiasm among Americans for Joe Biden’s reelection efforts.

Biden knows this is the case.

And he released this video in hopes of reigniting the nostalgia on the Left during the Barack Obama years.

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