Joe Biden just spent $25 million to ruin the NFL season opener for fans in key battleground states

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It’s opening week for the NFL.

Football fans across the nation have been waiting for this moment since the last Super Bowl.

But Joe Biden just spent $25 million to ruin the NFL season opener for fans in key battleground states.

Americans love professional sports.

But of all the professional sports – baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer – the NFL holds the title as the most popular.

According to Nielson data, sports accounted for 94 out of the 100 most watched telecasts in 2022.

The NFL alone accounted for 82 of those 100.

More than 113 million people tuned in to watch the 2023 Super Bowl.

On Thursday, the NFL season kicked off on NBC with the Lions vs. the Kansas City Chiefs.

But if fans in key 2024 battleground states expected to escape politics and enjoy a sporting match, they were disappointed on Thursday when they heard why Joe Biden spent $25 million.

On Thursday, Joe Biden’s campaign ran an ad focusing on his economic record and alleged accomplishments as President.

The ad is titled Got to Work and highlights President Biden’s economic record.

“The Lions are playing the Kansas City Chiefs Thursday for the NFL’s season opener, which will be broadcast by NBC and streamed on Peacock,” Axios reported. “The campaign plans to spend at least seven figures promoting that specific 30-second spot,” Axios continued, before adding that “new ads touting the President’s economic achievements will be rolled out in coming months.”

“The ad will run during the NFL season opener Thursday across local broadcast networks in Michigan, the home state of the Detroit Lions, as well as in battleground states such as Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada,” Axios added.

Biden’s campaign will also use part of the $25 million to target “Hispanic and African American voters on certain networks and programs, such as soccer matches and on the Oprah Winfrey Network.”

The ad made several outrageous claims that are not backed by his own federal agencies.

Even though the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported earlier this year that Americans have seen a 5% increase in utility bills, the ad claimed Biden lowered utility rates for customers.

Americans need a break from politics.

But Joe Biden spent $25 million to make sure that didn’t happen.

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