Joe Biden just ruined millions of children’s lives with a disgusting demand

Perhaps no group in America has suffered more through the coronavirus hysteria than children.

Lockdowns kept them inside, away from school and friends, for months on end.

And Joe Biden just ruined millions of children’s lives with a disgusting demand.

If Joe Biden and his Democrat pals had their way, America would still be entirely locked down today.

When coronavirus came onto our shores from China, Democrats jumped for joy at the massive powers they gained by exploiting fear around the virus.

While shutting down countless businesses, losing millions of jobs, and upending communities was horrific, there was perhaps nobody worse affected than children.

In their formative years, at a time they should be learning social skills, tens of millions of children were plucked from schools, and placed in front of computer screens to learn.

The time they were forced to spend away from their friends, sitting at home, will forever affect their futures, as that is time they will never get back.

One would hope that Democrats would open their eyes and realize that, but instead they are doubling down on their restrictions on children.

In a statement this week, Joe Biden told parents across America to keep their children away from anybody who is unvaccinated, and to ensure they wear a mask at all times outside the house.

“Make sure that everyone around your child who can be vaccinated is vaccinated,” Biden said.

“Make sure [the] child is masked when they leave home,” he continued. “That’s how we can best keep our kids safe.”

Despite all the fear being pushed around coronavirus, the virus doesn’t actually pose much harm to the vast majority of Americans.

Young and healthy individuals have a survival rate of over 99%.

But what is known is that masks pose tremendous risks for inhibiting childhood development – something that absolutely should be taken into consideration before following along with Biden’s demands.

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