Joe Biden just repeated an infuriating lie about COVID

Joe Biden has had one of the worst two-year runs as President of the United States.

And messaging has been a big part of the problem.

Now Biden just repeated an infuriating lie about COVID.

The Biden administration has been sending infuriating mixed signals on a number of issues.

Foreign policy has been particularly chaotic.

For example, Biden’s handlers had to walk back multiple statements in a short time span, including Biden’s suggestion that the United States might use chemical weapons in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Biden has also been all over the place regarding the pandemic.

Not long ago, Biden took a victory lap and declared the pandemic “over.”

In reality, most people had already moved on with their lives many months earlier, if not years.

However, the COVID regime has still attempted to scare people into getting the vaccine and taking the umpteenth booster shot.

And Biden just implored people to get the vaccine in order to protect others, but it has been proven that the jab does not prevent the spread of COVID.

Biden said, “And if you’re fully vaccinated, get one more COVID shot. Once a year – that’s it. Now, some high-risk people, such as the elderly and immunocompromised, may need more than one COVID shot. But for most Americans, one COVID shot each year will be all they need. And if you get it, you’re protected. And if you don’t, you’re putting yourself and other people at unnecessary risk. The shot is free. It’s widely available and conveniently located, just in time for the holiday season. Look, over 20 million of our fellow Americans have already gotten the shot.  I’m calling on all Americans – I don’t – seems like having to make this case again – all Americans to get their shots just as soon as they can. Your old vaccine or your previous COVID infection will not give you maximum protection.”

Biden has effectively become a vaccine salesman for Big Pharma.

Even Bill Gates, a huge proponent of vaccines, confessed that the Omicron variant essentially worked better than the vaccine because it provided T-cell immunity without being nearly as lethal as the Alpha and Delta strains.

On top of that, an executive for Pfizer made the shocking admission that the company did not even test the vaccine for stopping the transmission of the virus.

The whole justification for mass vaccination was protecting others, but it was a lie.

And Biden is still peddling it so drug companies can continue to line their pockets and politicians can extend their temporary COVID powers. 

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