Joe Biden just received some devastating news about a possible rematch with Donald Trump

Democrats thought they got rid of Donald Trump for good after the 2020 election.

But Joe Biden’s presidency has been an unmitigated disaster.

Now, Joe Biden just received some devastating news on a possible rematch with Donald Trump.

Democrats and RINOs alike want Donald Trump off the chessboard.

They’re attempting to block him from running for re-election, and they’ve branded his supporters domestic terrorists.

But the nonstop fear-mongering from politicians and the corporate press is not working.

Trump remains popular among Republicans, and a new poll shows that he would defeat Joe Biden in a potential 2024 rematch.

A survey from McLaughlin & Associates asked respondents the following question:

“If the 2024 Presidential election were held today, which one of the following best describes how you would vote in the general election for President between Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, and Joe Biden, the Democrat candidate, for whom would you vote?”

Nearly half of respondents (49%) said they would choose Trump, and only 44% said they would choose Biden.

The remaining 7% were undecided, but independents have been trending Right, especially with Biden’s approval ratings cratering.

Some polls have Biden’s numbers as low as 33%.

The news gets worse for the Democrats; Kamala Harris fared even worse in a hypothetical matchup with Trump.

Trump increased his spread to 51-40 over the vice president.

There has been some chatter that Hillary Clinton wants to replay the 2016 election, but the McLaughlin & Associates survey has her losing by double digits (51-41).

The Democrats have an incredibly weak bench, and it’s showing.

A separate survey showed that only 22% of Democrats want Biden to run again in 2024, but the second-most “popular” Democrat was Harris at 12%.

All the Democrats that the so-called mainstream media tried to prop up, fell on their faces.

The Democratic establishment installed Biden as the candidate, and the party is paying dearly for it.

Biden entered office with an approval rating in the mid-50s, and now he’s desperately under water.

Biden bungled the economy, which has led to massive inflation.

He reversed Trump’s effective border policies, and now border communities are dealing with surges.

Biden also botched the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The corporate press demonized Trump more than any politician in history, yet the American people would still vote for him against whoever the Democrats are contemplating.

That shows that the establishment has lost much of its steam.

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