Joe Biden just opened the door for tens of thousands of illegal aliens

Biden has been hellbent on reversing all the progress that President Trump made during his Presidency.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at the border.

And Joe just opened the door for tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

Since his inauguration, Joe Biden has made it a point to completely deconstruct the southern border.

Where Trump promised to enforce the nation’s laws and stop the flood of illegal aliens pouring into America, Joe Biden has flung open the flood gates.

During the 2021 fiscal year, encounters between Customs and Border Protection with illegal aliens have increased by 102% from the last year to 1,078,226.

Under Biden’s “leadership,” 50,000 illegal aliens have been released into the United States with a date to appear in court.

And, perhaps to no one’s surprise, only 13% of those released have bothered to show up.

Plus, 16,000 of those ordered to appear in court have not shown up and are beyond the 60-day reporting period they were given when apprehended.

“While individuals have 60 days to check in with ICE, many are proactively reaching out to ICE to begin their official immigration processing, including by receiving a Notice to Appear,” said DHS spokesperson Meira Bernstein. “Those who do not report, like anyone who is in our country without legal status, are subject to removal by ICE.”

Of course, no one believes Joe Biden will actually deport these criminals.

Not only is Biden bussing illegal aliens to Republican led states in hopes that future amnesty will give them the votes they need to flip them in elections, he also is spending $2 billion dollars to stop construction of Trump’s border wall, according to the Senate Subcommittee on Government Operations and Border Management.

Joe Biden isn’t interested in protecting this country, he’s only interested in making his socialist utopia a reality by any means necessary.

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