Joe Biden just crossed the line by accusing Trump of a huge crime you won’t believe

Joe Biden refuses to take responsibility for his failures.

He instead wants to blame all his problems on Donald Trump.

And Joe Biden just crossed the line by accusing Trump of a huge crime you won’t believe.

Joe Biden couldn’t have failed worse when it comes to Afghanistan.

Not only does the Taliban now control the country, they have billions of dollars in U.S. equipment they can use to maintain that control.

And things are only getting more dangerous there by the day.

Just last week, 13 American service members were killed when an explosion went off at the Kabul airport.

And when Joe Biden was asked about it, he attempted to first take responsibility, likely due to political motivations, before trying to blame Trump for his failure.

“I bear responsibility for fundamentally all that’s happened of late,” Biden began. “But here’s the deal: you know — I wish you’d one day say these things — you know as well as I do that the former President made a deal with the Taliban that he would get all American forces out of Afghanistan by May 1.”

Biden then praised the service members who died as “heroes.”

“They were heroes, heroes who’ve been engaged in a dangerous, selfless mission to save the lives of others,” he said.

He also vowed to hunt down and make whoever is responsible for the attacks pay.

“To those who carried out the attack and to anyone who wishes Americans harm: We will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay,” Biden said.

Biden then pledged to complete his withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“We will complete our mission. We will continue, after our troops are withdrawn, to find means by which we can find any American who wishes to get out of Afghanistan — we will find them and we will get them out,” he said.

Biden wants to have it both ways.

He wants to take credit for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, while Trump is held responsible for the Taliban taking over Kabul.

In reality, Trump had a plan that wouldn’t have given the Taliban the ability to take over.

Biden chose to remove the military before anybody, or anything else.

He left billions of dollars in equipment out in the open.

But he refuses to admit that, and instead wants people to believe that he did everything by the book, and that the Taliban taking over was just an inevitability – despite arguing the contrary just a month ago.

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