Joe Biden just censored the Sound of Freedom in this insane way

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Sound of Freedom was the surprise movie hit of the summer.

But this film about the evils of child sex trafficking has liberals enraged, apparently because they don’t want any discussion about this horrific practice.

Now, President Joe Biden just censored the Sound of Freedom in this insane way.

Despite receiving no marketing and push – and getting the cold shoulder from the entertainment media – Sound of Freedom exploded at the Box Office.

To date, it’s raked in an astonishing $190 million worldwide against a $14 million production budget.

The film told the story of Homeland Security Agent Timothy Ballard who left his job to set up a rescue mission in South America that saved 55 children from child sex traffickers.

Ballard then formed Operation Underground Railroad to continue this mission on a global scale.

U.S. Southern Command planned to screen Sounds of Freedom two different times at its headquarters.

But the Biden administration scuttled the screenings both times under pressure from the media.

CNN, Military Times, and other outlets smeared the film for being “QAnon-adjacent” – primarily because the movie focuses on child sex trafficking, which apparently is now a taboo subject, and because the film portrays Christians in a positive light (another no-no).

“U.S. Southern Command planned, and then canceled, two showings of the Christian-faith-based thriller Sound of Freedom at its headquarters this summer. The movie’s been a runaway hit, grossing more than $200 million, but its lead actor has publicly linked the film’s anti-sex-trafficking plot to baseless QAnon conspiracy theories,” Military Times wrote.

News outlets like Military Times editorialize when they add in language such as “critics contend” or “critics questioned” into stories to allow the journalist to insert their own views while hiding behind neutral language.

Military Times reporter Allison P. Erickson followed that template by claiming showing Sound of Freedom could appear partisan.

“By playing the movie on a federal base, some critics have questioned whether SOUTHCOM’s leadership is following a policy that requires troops to remain apolitical at work – as QAnon followers have spread false rumors about and bashed President Joe Biden’s administration – and to maintain a separation of church and state, considering the film’s heavy Christian narrative,” Erickson wrote.

The film’s director said the movie had nothing to do with Qanon and the issue of child sex trafficking should be nonpartisan.

The fact that the Biden administration would object to the film and choose to censor it at a military headquarters, struck many Americans as truly bizarre.

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